API Insights

December 19, 2022


Watch My AWS Reinvent 2022 Recap Video

1 min read

Get Adrienne's highlights from the show. Plus, hear Carlos Pereira’s thoughts on Full Stack Observability, and Justin Buchanan on securing resilience in a hybrid cloud world.

December 6, 2022


See API Insights at APIdays in Paris

2 min read

Learn how Cisco Engineering leverages the OpenAPI specifications to drive API quality and a state-of-the-art developer experience.

November 1, 2022


Improving API Quality and Security with API Insights

3 min read

API Insights is an open source tool that helps developers address the quality and security of APIs earlier in the software development lifecycle, enabling them to establish and adopt API best practices.

August 19, 2022


Cisco Project, “An-API-For-An-API,” Wins Security Award

5 min read

Cisco's An-API-For-An-API, a project that controls the end-to-end cycle for enterprise API services, wins a CSO50 Security Award.

June 16, 2022


Developer Announcements from Cisco Live! 2022

3 min read

Check out the developer-focused announcements made this week at Cisco Live – including APIx Manager, and the launch of AppDynamics Cloud.