Over the past few months, you may have noticed several announcements that demonstrate Cisco’s commitment to delivering great developer experiences. From backwards compatibility for APIs to standardizing on the OpenAPI specification, these are just two ways we are driving this effort.

Here is some background on Cisco’s API First and Quality efforts:

API-First and API Quality at Cisco

As we began sharing our journey to API-First and API Quality with OpenAPI at Cisco Live Las Vegas last June, we saw a lot of interest from the DevNet community that uses Cisco APIs to automate, scale, and secure their infrastructure.

In addition, at recent API industry events – ASC/OpenAPI Conference, API World and API Days – we met with technical leads, devops engineers, and compliance officers who face similar challenges: how to deliver high quality APIs? how to measure the quality of API contracts? and how to gain visibility into new API releases?

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Why API Contracts Matter

We are thrilled to be back in Amsterdam next week. Please see below for the many opportunities to network with other API practitioners.

Starting Monday morning, February 6th, Cisco Meraki, Nexus and ISE engineering groups will participate in a panel to share best practices and lessons learned from their API-First journeys.

And, throughout along the week, join us in the DevNet Zone for a preview of the next release of API Insights, the homegrown open source toolset supporting Cisco’s journey to standardized APIs.

What can you expect at Cisco Live Amsterdam?

Here are some of the opportunities to learn more about recent and new announcements, but also to get a deep dive into the process and tools used at Cisco on this API Quality journey.

  • API Insights Demo – All week in the DevNet Zone, Meet the Developer Area
    Join us in the DevNet Zone for demos of the next release of API Insights, which allows you to track the quality of API contracts and score OpenAPI documents.
  • Why API Contracts matter – DEVNET-1400, Monday Feb 6, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM CET
    Join this panel to get a deeper dive into Cisco’s API First and backward compatibility recent announcements and hear from Cisco engineering groups about their journey and the actual benefits from a developer experience and security perspective.
  • API Design-First – Not Just Another Pretty Interface – DEVNET-1092, Wednesday, June 15, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM PDT
    Join David Staudt, DevNet Developer Advocate and Principal Engineer at Cisco, as he introduces the concepts of ‘API design first’, and demonstrates the use of some open-source tools to create a RESTful API, automatically generate interactive documentation and easily spin-off clean, language-specific SDKs.
  • Living on the Edge: From Developers to Ops – INTDEV-1590Wednesday, Thursday, Feb 9, 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM CET
    Join this session with Ray Stephenson, Senior Director of Cisco Developer Relations Strategy and Experience, to discover how organizations can harness developer-led innovations to gain new insights, increase operational efficiency, and realize the transformative potential in systems, services, and software.
  • The 12 facets of the OpenAPI Standard – BRKDEV-2249, Friday Feb 10, 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM CET
    Join Stève Sfartz, Principal Architect and API Experience Program Lead, as he introduces the OpenAPI Specifications (OAS) and how Cisco products leverage the industry standard to drive API quality and state-of-the-art developer experience. We’ll discuss OpenAPI best practices, tools, and processes available to the developer community.

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Stève Sfartz

Principal Architect

Cisco Developer Relations