Shweta Palande

Developer Advocate

Cisco DevNet

Shweta is a Developer Advocate for IoT for Cisco DevNet and passionate about network automation and security. "I believe, In order to grow we must face our challenges and come out of that comfort zone we have been clinging onto! Learning and sharing brings me joy and a cup of coffee and some nice music makes my day. I hope my words ignite your thoughts"


July 9, 2020


Get Started with IoT and Prepare for DEVIOT Certification

Register now for the July 21st webinar. Get an overview of the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist, IoT Certification Exam. You'll hear about the exam topics and what percentage of questions are to be expected from each module.

June 8, 2020


Explore Cisco IoT Tech at DevNet Day

Learn how to securely connect devices, compute at the edge, and extract/move data in your distributed environment, so you can get maximum value from your digitization initiatives.

March 3, 2020


What IoT Language Are You Speaking?

Tap into learning resources for IoT or try a DevNet IoT learning track at https://developer.cisco.com/iot/

January 29, 2020


Get More Done with New IoT Releases on DevNet

Learn new skills for automating and building programs for IoT devices running in critical network infrastructure.