ServiceNow is a popular cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of IT services management solutions. Apart from being a great CRM tool, one of the key features of ServiceNow is its ability to integrate with other applications and systems.

The ServiceNow Graph Connector for Meraki is one such integration that provides a seamless way to monitor your Meraki organizations, networks, and devices. And create workflows to efficiently manage incidents and alerts.

How does Meraki integrate with ServiceNow?

The Service Graph Connector application or in short the SGC application is a native integration between Meraki and ServiceNow.

The application enables you to import your Meraki organizations and thus all its networks and devices into ServiceNow’s CMDB. Once imported, you can start receiving Meraki alerts and generate incidents that can be assigned and tracked. The application works by leveraging the Meraki Dashboard API and Webhooks.

How to set up a Service Graph connector to start receiving Meraki alerts?

First step is to install this application from the ServiceNow store.

Second step, head over to our detailed step-by-step configuration guide to connect your Meraki organizations with the application and start generating incidents.

What’s new in the Service Graph Connector v1.3

Recently the SGC application was updated to support the Tokyo version of ServiceNow.
With this new version update, some new features were included such as:

  • Simplified and improved setup experience with a step by step configuration guide.
Guided Step

Guided Set Up

  • New CMDB sync filters based on specific Meraki Organizations.
  • Support for pre/post scripts in the import job so that users have the ability to adjust the data mappings as necessary.
  • New administrative and debugging menus to add more troubleshooting.
  • Enhanced ServiceNow security settings for receiving Meraki webhooks.
  • Integration Dashboard to get a concise view of CMDB execution status and integration errors.

Built-in ServiceNow Webhook template

Integration Dashboard

The SGC application leverages Meraki Webhooks to send alerts to the ServiceNow instance. The built in ‘ServiceNow’ webhook payload template enables you to easily export these alerts in the format that is compatible with ServiceNow.

Meraki ServiceNow
Built-in ServiceNow Webhook template

The ServiceNow Graph Connector for Meraki is a powerful and efficient tool for managing your Meraki network incidents. Coupled with the Meraki Dashboard platform, this integration helps ensure your network is always running smoothly.

March #MerakiMagic API Webinars

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You can also view and register for the 5-part webinar series where we explore how developers can integrate with the Meraki platform, leveraging APIs for multiple use cases.

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Register to join me March 8th at 10:00am PST for a live webinar:

Monitoring at Scale with Meraki APIs


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