Why do APIs matter?

If you are part of an enterprise network, you have realized by now the value proposition APIs can bring to your business. But even if you are still unsure about it, or want to explore more, then make sure you visit meraki.io and see how our partners are building robust solutions for their business leveraging the power of Meraki APIs.

If you are attending Cisco Live 2022 in Melbourne this December, you will get to hear all about Meraki API goodness and its partner marketplace directly from our Meraki team members.


We are bringing together several sessions which will highlight the latest and greatest in Meraki APIs. Some sessions will touch on the basics as well if you are new to this area. If you want to meet us, we will be where the developers hang out – that’s right… in the DevNet Zone!

Meraki sessions at Cisco Live Melbourne

Here is a list of Meraki sessions that will take place in the DevNet Zone along with a short description of what you’ll take away from each.

Innovate with Meraki APIs & Its Partner Marketplace [DEVNET-1338]

This session will highlight the latest features added to the API product and how you can leverage them and its partner marketplace to bring your products to Meraki customers.

We will cover the scale of APIs and Marketplace, some popular use cases, the new Meraki Marketplace experience, and how to become a Meraki technology partner.

The Dashboard API is the new CLI [BRKMER-2087]

Join us in this session to learn why IT engineers are investing more time on APIs and not CLIs. We will present multiple use cases which Meraki APIs created business values on top of the built network enabling IT to become a business partner of an organization. This session will include a demo.

Automate Everything [DEVNET-1978]

In the session, we will cover how to work smarter and not harder, how to offload repetitive tasks to machines than spending hours of your valuable time, and, how to get started in the journey to becoming a coder/developer/programmer/Modern Engineer. The session will include multiple demos across dashboard automation, Camera AI/ML and advanced reporting of the Meraki platform.

Meraki Webhook templates [DEVWKS-2035]

Meraki has just supercharged the webhook system for delivering network alerts. You can now create “payload templates” to shape the outgoing JSON message to fit any common REST API service. This means you can configure Meraki to send alerts directly to your Webex, Slack, or favorite messaging service, send notifications to PagerDuty or log the events into DataDog. This workshop will explore the new webhook payload template features, related APIs and how you can get started writing your own templates using the Liquid template language

Meraki Dashboard API [DEVWKS-1494]

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to programmatically access the Meraki dashboard using API endpoints. We’ll cover using the interactive documentation, Postman collection, and SDK to create applications for configuration, monitoring, and reporting in Meraki networks.

Meraki Tools [DEVWKS-2015]

Can you convert this Meraki API JSON into a spreadsheet? Can you loop through all our networks and create a table of device statistics? With this session, you’ll be saying “Yes!” to these questions in no time. We will explore the Meraki API using Postman, but with a little power tool called JSON Magic. You will learn how to quickly view the API output in a table format, shape the data and export it. Then, we will build instant Google Sheets using the Meraki Tools add-on where you can generate graphs and charts to your heart’s content.

There are many more Meraki sessions at Cisco Live Melbourne this year that you can explore in our session catalog. If you have not registered yet, make sure you do right now. We are excited to see you in Melbourne!

Let us know in comments which sessions are you going to attend at Cisco Live or which Meraki API endpoints are most interesting to you?

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Shweta Palande

Developer Advocate

Cisco Meraki