Rohit Agarwalla

Software Engineer

Office of Cloud CTO

Rohit Agarwalla joined Cisco in 2007 and currently works in the Office of Cloud CTO. He was one of the first OpenStack contributors from Cisco and is currently active in a wide range of product development, customer and community efforts around OpenStack. Prior to this, Rohit developed the service policy framework for the Nexus7000 platform and also contributed to a variety of cloud computing related projects. Rohit holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.


October 21, 2014


Cisco and OpenStack: Juno Release – Part 2

The tenth OpenStack release codenamed Juno was released on October 16, 2014. This press release provides a good summary of what to expect in Juno. It also discusses...

October 2, 2014


Cisco and OpenStack: Juno Release – Part 1

The next stable OpenStack release codenamed “Juno” is slated to be released October 16, 2014. From improving live upgrades in Nova to enabling easier migration from Nova Network to Neutron,...

May 12, 2014


OpenStack and Cisco – IceHouse release and Juno Summit

Cisco is committed to further OpenStack development and in this post I’m going to provide an update on contributions made by the Cisco team members in the latest OpenStack release and what sessions are lead by them in the upcoming Juno Design Summit. The ninth OpenStack software release- IceHouse, came out April 17th and boasts several […]

February 26, 2014


Voting for OpenStack Atlanta Summit Speaking Proposals is Open !

The OpenStack Summit for Spring 2014 is scheduled to take place in Atlanta from May 12-16.  The general session speaking proposals for the Summit are submitted against the various Summit tracks and the proposed sessions go through a community voting process.  While the chairs for each track determine the final list of presentation topics, the […]

October 30, 2013


OpenStack@Cisco – Havana release and IceHouse Summit

Earlier in this month the OpenStack community came out with the biannual OpenStack release – Havana. According to the OpenStack Foundation, not only did Havana add close to 400 new features across Compute (Nova), Storage (Swift), Networking (Neutron) and other core services, it also provided users with more application-driven capabilities and more enterprise features.  Two […]

August 21, 2013


Speaking proposal submissions for OpenStack Summit – Voting is Open!

Cisco celebrated OpenStack’s 3rd birthday recently by releasing the Cisco OpenStack Installer for Grizzly. This blog post has more details. The OpenStack foundation organizes a four-day OpenStack Summit every six months for contributors, enterprise users, service providers, application developers and ecosystem members. It facilitates the community to gather, discuss and present on several different streams ranging from […]

June 27, 2013


OpenStack at Cisco Live in Orlando

As part of the Cisco Open Network Environment approach, there’s a lot of news coming out of Orlando from this year’s Cisco Live US event, and a lot of it involves OpenStack. OpenStack has never been more prominent at Cisco Live – and there’s much more to come. This is significant not only because it […]