October 23, 2014


OpenStack Juno: The Basics

4 min read

Guest Blog by Mark Voelker, Technical Lead, Cisco http://blogs.cisco.com/author/MarkVoelker/ Today, the OpenStack@Cisco team is in a celebratory mood: OpenStack 2014.2 (“Juno”) has been released!  The 10th release of OpenStack contains hundreds of new features and thousands of bugfixes and is the result of contributions from over 1400 developers.  You can find out more about Cisco’s contributions to Juno here.  What’s more, […]

October 2, 2014


Cisco and OpenStack: Juno Release – Part 1

3 min read

The next stable OpenStack release codenamed “Juno” is slated to be released October 16, 2014. From improving live upgrades in Nova to enabling easier migration from Nova Network to Neutron,...