Cisco is committed to further OpenStack development and in this post I’m going to provide an update on contributions made by the Cisco team members in the latest OpenStack release and what sessions are lead by them in the upcoming Juno Design Summit.

The ninth OpenStack software release- IceHouse, came out April 17th and boasts several new features and bug fixes across all OpenStack projects. As OpenStack adoption and developer community continues to grow, the evolving software maturity and stability makes it easier for administrators to deploy and application developers to integrate with OpenStack services.

Cisco’s contribution in the OpenStack IceHouse release has been across different projects as well. Statistics (from Stackalytics) on the number of lines committed module wise in the IceHouse release by the Cisco team members are shown below.




Keeping with OpenStack’s open design and development process, Cisco’s OpenStack team  worked with the community in different ways to achieve the project release goals.  Highlights of some IceHouse Design Summit (Hong Kong, November 2013) commitments that the Cisco team delivered as part of the IceHouse release include –

  • Neutron Modular Layer 2 (ML2) OpenDayLight Mechanism Driver
  • Neutron Advanced Service VPN Cisco CSR1Kv Driver
  • Cisco Nexus1000 vswitch plugin improvements in OpenStack Neutron and Horizon
  • Tempest testing for the continuous integration of the Neutron Cisco Nexus plugin
  • Enhancement of puppet modules for deploying OpenStack services
  • Increased capabilities in OpenStack Heat for working with OpenStack Neutron and OpenShift Origin (Demo here)
  • Nova REST API for server/instance groups allowing grouping of resources

The  OpenStack Juno Design Summit is starting this week in Atlanta. In addition to the general speaking sessions, booth, demos and other events captured here, the Cisco’s team members are also leading and participating in several design sessions to shape the Juno OpenStack release. Below is the list of sessions that have Cisco team members as one of the speakers –

Cisco also recently released Ubuntu OpenStack Havana based Cisco Validated Design (CVD) using Cisco UCS and Nexus. Here is a link to the document. Additionally, a customer case study on how OpenStack on Cisco infrastructure can help to scale with aggressive growth strategy for an image hosting service has been made publicly available.

We look forward to having some great discussions at the Summit and hope to see you there as well! You can also visit us at Cisco’s OpenStack webpage for more information.


Rohit Agarwalla

Senior Director Product Management and Technical Marketing

Enterprise Networking