Mining PoV

Autonomous Operations in Mining

2 min read

Cisco’s infrastructure solutions are a critical part of an autonomous mining solution. Two practical ways that Cisco technology makes autonomous projects more successful is through reliable wireless coverage and broad instrumentation partnerships.

Artificial Intelligence in Mining

3 min read

Trend Overview  In 2022, one of our mining customers announced they had recently leveraged technology initiatives to realize over $1B in annual benefit. More than 75% of the benefits were related to data, machine learning, and automation. Although machine learning is only one part of artificial intelligence, it is a critical one in mining operations.  […]

Secure Mine Operations

3 min read

Mining companies have a very diverse collection of assets for their above ground and underground operations so asset inventory and visibility is foundational to strong security.

Building Relationships Along the Mining Supply Chain

3 min read

The experience of today’s mining customer is a complex digital relationship that involves integrated transaction flows and marketing or retail channels. We explore three ways that mining companies engage their customers and how Cisco technology and services can optimize this experience.

Sustainability in Mining

4 min read

In order to meet United Nations sustainability goals, every major mining company has indicated their businesses will change in the next 20 years. The world is about to go through one of the biggest energy transitions in history and it’s clear that the mining industry will be greatly impacted. What can we expect? What are […]

Enabling Workers in the Mine

4 min read

The effectiveness of any mine worker is primarily impacted by the need for strong collaboration with others to leverage the strength of the greater on-site or remote community as well as the ability to access the right information in a timely way through online applications for workflow and asset management.

Mining’s Digital Imperative

3 min read

Dramatic cycles in the mining industry require operators to be agile and efficient. Digital strategies increase visibility on operations and enable greater automation and remote control — making sites even safer, more productive, and responsive to future challenges. Find out how Cisco helps mining operators with their digital strategies.