Ravi Chandrasekaran

Senior Vice President

Core Software Group

Ravi Chandrasekaran is a Senior Vice President who leads the Core Software Group (CSG) at Cisco.

Ravi and his team power and build the complete stack of software developed for Cisco’s core networking products. CSG works towards creating unprecedented customer value by building innovative and leading-edge software, platforms and solutions that form the technology core for thousands of enterprise, service provider and data center customers. The group’s charter includes software development across switching, wireless, network services, routing, optical software and enterprise routing, service provider routing, and cable access. CSG is the largest engineering organization in the company and takes its responsibility of being the backbone of the network very seriously.


June 23, 2017


Engineering the New Era of Networking

Building this new era of networking has driven Cisco to innovate in many different ways. This launch marks a new chapter in our engineering history and transformation.

Commencing Cisco LaunchPad Startup Cohort 2

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October 7, 2016


Navigating the Next Leap Second

For 27th time since 1972, a leap second is confirmed for 2016. It will take place on December 31 and to ensure our customers have everything they need to know about this upcoming event, Cisco has published an Information Page on Cisco.com. Similar to a leap year, the leap second helps bring our tracking of […]