Quinn Snyder

Senior Technical Advocate

Learning & Certifications

Quinn Snyder is a Senior Technical Advocate for Cisco Learning and Certifications, focused on building tutorials, labs, and instructional how-to’s in order to ease the burden and lower the barrier to entry for folks looking to obtain Cisco certifications. Prior to his work at Cisco L&C, Quinn was a Developer Advocate with Cisco Developer Relations (formerly known as Cisco DevNet) and has also worked in both pre- and post-sales around Cisco technologies and architectures for nearly 20 years, covering utility, finance, retail, and service provider verticals. Quinn is a published Cisco Press author, a Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker, and enjoys engaging with networking communities both online and in-person.  When he's not working, Quinn is usually behind a grill, behind a camera lens, or behind the handlebars of his road bike.  He resides in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona with his wife of 10 years, two kids, and two fluffy dogs.  You can find Quinn on Twitter and GitHub @qsnyder.


February 3, 2021


DevNet Automation Bootcamps Overcome the Forgetting Curve

4 min read

Read how your team can acquire and retain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully implement your network automation initiatives.

December 22, 2020


Get into the Holiday Spirit with New Datacenter Content

3 min read

Find out what’s new in the world of data center networking and programmability. New learning labs, new sandbox, new resources for Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

June 8, 2020


Data Center Networking Is Coming to DevNet Day

3 min read

Got "learn network programmability and automation" on your To-Do list?... Start now with the Data Center Networking Track at DevNet Day on June 18th. Make the infrastructure agile, flexible, and secure enough to handle today's demanding workloads.

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