Player Pate

Senior Manager, Product Marketing


Player Pate is a senior product marketing manager in the security business group at Cisco where he leads a team focused on security intelligence. In this role, Player represents the work of the Talos threat intelligence team, Cisco Security Services, Cisco Threat Grid, and the Cisco Security and Trust Organization in an effort to protect our customers’ people, data, and infrastructure from active adversaries.

Player lives in Atlanta with his wife, four kids, and two dogs.


June 12, 2019


Staying Ahead of ‘Andromeda-Style’ Threats in Your Environment

4 min read

Why rapid attack containment and a short remediation cycle matter When a new threat gets in the environment, a security incident could unfold very quickly. Detecting the compromise and...

March 4, 2019


Cisco Stealthwatch detects threats across private networks, public clouds, and encrypted traffic

4 min read

You have a bigger, more open, and diverse network than ever before. Whether you want to go all-in on cloud, spread your infrastructure across multiple public clouds, embrace containers and...

November 2, 2017


Extend Your Security to the Cloud with Confidence

2 min read

Introducing the Cisco Cloud Security Assessment Service On a recent trip with my kids, one of them remarked how differently the clouds looked from the plane and how passing through them you couldn’t see theoutline that seems so clear when viewing clouds from the ground. I explained to her that when you’re looking at a […]

July 13, 2016


Cisco Defense Orchestrator: The Security Policy Management “Easy Button”

3 min read

Staying on top of security is hard, especially for network operations staff. If you’re like most of your peers, you probably have lots of devices, tons of policies and many locations and even cloud deployments to account for. Every time you need to change a policy, the complexity and time involved to do it right is […]

March 23, 2016


Don’t Let Your Cloud Security Strategy Get Railroaded by Old Thinking

3 min read

The standard gauge used for railroads (that is the distance between the rails) in the U.S. is four feet, eight and a half inches, which is an odd number however you look at it. The history behind it is even stranger and is a cautionary tale of assumptions and the consequences of basing decisions on […]