Introducing the Cisco Cloud Security Assessment Service

On a recent trip with my kids, one of them remarked how differently the clouds looked from the plane and how passing through them you couldn’t see theoutline that seems so clear when viewing clouds from the ground. I explained to her that when you’re looking at a cloud, what you’re really looking at is the collection of millions of tiny water droplets, not a single object.

There are certainly parallels in the natural world as in the IT world of clouds. Treating cloud security as a single object overlooks the complexity of all the moving parts. Applications you host, applications hosted elsewhere, applications you’ve sanctioned for your organization, unsanctioned applications being used in your organization, protecting the data wherever it goes, accounting for where that data goes for compliance purposes, the list goes on. And it’s no wonder cloud security continues to challenge organizations of all sizes and in all geographies.

We consistently hear from customers how they’ve spent years developing and managing a security program and how they simply want to extend that existing IT security posture to their multicloud environments. Cisco is excited to announce a new Cloud Security Assessment Service offering to assist our customers in doing just that. No matter where you are in your cloud security journey, we can help.

The Cisco Cloud Security Assessment Service offers a flexible suite of service options, including the cloud security strategy workshop and the cloud data protection, user entity behavior, and cloud security architecture assessments. We will work with you to gather data on your existing cloud usage and security risks, outline your current risk posture and define programs and activities to help you close any gaps.

When looking at a partner to assist with cloud security, it’s important to work with a vendor who not only knows business strategy or cloud services but one who understands the impact to security operations. This is where Cisco shines. As the world’s leading security provider, Cisco draws on expertise in many disciplines including security architecture design, threat intelligence, and best practices protecting data, applications, and cloud and network infrastructure utilizing sophisticated security technologies.

Our Cloud Security Assessment Service puts this expertise into practice to establish a strategic security model to help you manage risk based on your specific privacy, security, and business needs. Contact us and let us show you how we can help you extend your security to the cloud with confidence.


Player Pate

Senior Manager, Product Marketing