Mark Knellinger

Business Solutions Architect

Smart Cities and Transportation Group

Mark Knellinger is Cisco’s lead transportation solutions architect for the global Smart Cities and Transportation Group. Mark has been a Cisco architect for 15 years and has transformed Cisco’s Connected Roadways business to include advances in edge compute, data architecture and integration, and authentication and security. Mark developed the methodology for the application of Cisco’s Kinetic Edge Intelligence (EI) to weather sensors for the Tennessee DOT and has since led Cisco in Connected Roadways deployments in Las Vegas, Ohio, and Texas, among others. Mark has also been the lead of Cisco’s advances in connector development for protocols to include NTCIP, Modbus, Serial, SNMP, MQTT, DMX, DNP3, Advantech, Z-Wave, Digi, and ESRI, among others. Mark has been working as an innovator in technology his entire career. Working as a networking architect for Nielsen Media Research, then moving to Coleman Technologies, Inc., a Cisco partner and now 15 years with Cisco Systems, Inc. He attained Cisco’s highest engineering certification, the CCIE. This experience has given direct insight to the dynamics involved in designing and delivering solutions to meet the needs of business. His work in transportation was led by a lifetime of embedded systems development focused on integration of disparate systems. Building on those experiences, he is driven to see the vision of a solution to meet the demands of the roadways. Understanding that only by bringing technology partners and emerging technologies together can we create innovative ways to save lives, and deliver on the promise of automated vehicles and the road to zero initiative. An author and co-author of 2 patent applications, and a member of SAE and IEEE, he is continuing to create solutions and combine compelling partnerships to deliver new solutions in the industry.


September 22, 2023


The future of roadways and intersections. Coffee and Conversations podcast

1 min read

The need to connect, secure, and optimize our critical roadways and intersections infrastructure is now clearer than ever. Roadways and intersections are being connected to traffic management centers allowing the collection of roadside data for analysis, real-time control, and visibility.

March 29, 2022


Cisco and Verizon Drive the Next Generation of Connected Vehicle Interfaces & Applications

1 min read

With the safety applications sending information to vehicles many times per second, the computing data required new ways of engineering for connected vehicles to become mainstream. Cisco and Verizon have partnered together to create this strategy utilizing edge computing.