The need to connect, secure, and optimize our critical roadways and intersections infrastructure is now clearer than ever. Roadways and intersections are being connected to traffic management centers allowing the collection of roadside data for analysis, real-time control, and visibility. This is the foundation of automating outcomes and improving situational awareness to improve safety, efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases.

In the most recent episode of the Coffee and Conversations podcast, I joined Danny Vicente, Sabrina Gonzales, and Sean Caragata to discuss what is taking place in the connected roadways and intersections landscape across the globe and what innovations and technologies are shaping their future.

Throughout the episode, we discuss how a secure, resilient, and agile network can help traffic operators improve public safety, increase operational efficiency, and optimize traffic management. In addition, we touch on the following:

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Mark Knellinger

Business Solutions Architect

Smart Cities and Transportation Group