Michael King

Global Product Sustainability Lead

Corporate Affairs

Michael King is a member of Cisco’s Corporate Affairs Environmental Sustainability team, with a focus on product design and life cycle analysis. Michael engages frequently with Cisco’s customers and partners to discuss the sustainability features of Cisco’s products, learn more about their initiatives and how Cisco can help them reach their sustainability goals. Previously, he was a Mechanical Engineer in Cisco’s Supply Chain Organization focused on developing cost effective and sustainable products. Michael holds a Master of Engineering Management from Duke University and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


5 ways Cisco is increasing product energy efficiency

At Cisco we increase product energy efficiency by continuing to improve the performance of our products while maintaining, or decreasing, their energy use.

Net zero methodology: Yes it is complicated, but worth doing thoroughly

Cisco is establishing a net zero methodology where the estimated GHG emissions from the use of our sold products can be reliably calculated.