As businesses continue to move towards a more digital future, the threats they face continue to become more complex. As many organizations continue to embrace the benefits of cloud, IoT, and an increasingly mobile workforce, threat actors are taking advantage of these attack vectors to work their way into your business.

Cisco Stealthwatch provides comprehensive network-wide visibility and security analytics, so you can stay ahead of attackers and expose their locations and behaviors to help you prevent a security event from becoming a full-blown breach. Today, we’re happy to announce that you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel and give Stealthwatch a live test drive!

Before they become customers, many organizations we work with have never experienced what it’s like to gain insight into their networks and how they might use the power of behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect threats. Fortunately, Stealthwatch test drives are the perfect way to gain first-hand experience with Stealthwatch and how you can use its capabilities to do just that.

Here’s an example of what customers find on their networks;

The Cisco Stealthwatch Test Drive provides users with access to a fully configured environment with traffic that you generate to test first hand live use cases including:

  • Breach Detection
  • Insider and Advanced Threat Detection
  • High Risk Application Detection
  • Policy Violations
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Attendees will get to experience life-like cyber security attack situations in a virtualized lab environment, playing the role of both attacker and defender. Operating in an environment similar to many large, complex networks, you will learn how an environment can become compromised, how security breaches are detected, and how to respond to these threats using Stealthwatch. Completing these labs will provide you with test plans to effectively operationalize Stealthwatch.

Whether you’re new to Stealthwatch and interested in trying the product for the first time, or a long-time customer, the Cisco Stealthwatch Test Drive Labs are a great way to see all of the detections and integrations that Stealthwatch can do for your organization and help you tailor your product experience to your network and security needs.

See a schedule of upcoming Cisco Stealthwatch Test Drive Labs.

To learn more about Stealthwatch, please visit: https://www.cisco.com/go/stealthwatch



Megha Mehta

Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Stealthwatch

Security Business Group