Meenakshi Kaushik

Product Manager, Engineering


Meenakshi is a product manager for Cisco Container Platform, an enterprise-grade Kubernetes offering that supports GPU/Kubeflow for hybrid AI/ML workloads. Meenakshi has interest in AI/ML space and is excited how the technology can enhance human well being and productivity. Area of expertise: Product Management, Kubenetes, Kubeflow, AI/ML.


April 2, 2021


Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) Now Available!

Intersight Kubernetes Service’s goal is to accelerate our customers’ container initiatives by simplifying the management effort for Kubernetes clusters across the full infrastructure stack and expanding the application operations toolkit.

January 24, 2020


How to optimize your K8s infrastructure for AI/ML development with a few clicks!

Kubernetes has been a catalyst in building AI/ML capabilities, however DIY setting up and maintaining such as stack can be complex. As more and more Cisco Container Platform, customers are interested in machine learning, we are continuously evolving the support to enable them in their journey.