Marisa Rutti

Partner Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing

Marisa is sharing Cisco’s industrial story that includes key industry leading partnerships in verticals such as manufacturing, energy, buildings, and smart cities.

Prior to joining Cisco, Marisa has worked within the high-tech partner community and spent time in the start-up life where she has built a background in storytelling, digital marketing, events, operations, social media, and more.


September 9, 2020


CPwE: An Industrial Network Blueprint

1 min read

Converged Plantwide Ethernet is tested and validated by Cisco and Rockwell Automation What’s at stake? Roughly 46 percent of organizations will experience 5-16 hours of downtime from a major security breach. Other risks to company profits include the unpredictable maintenance costs of an aging infrastructure and the number of industrial IoT devices increasing daily. This is why […]

February 3, 2020


Cisco and Honeywell Partner to Eliminate Digital Disruption Roadblocks

2 min read

Honeywell teamed with Cisco to bring to market the Honeywell OneWireless Network that delivers the only wireless network needed for non-carpeted areas, such as factories, plants, mines and production facilities.

Intelligent Connectivity is Changing the Way Utility Operations and IT Work Together

2 min read

As we enter into a new decade, technology is shaping our future faster than ever. Everything is becoming connected and managed by an app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Utilities are no different. Consumers expect more from their utility than ever before – including detailed information on consumption rates, leak detection, outage information and […]

Securely Connecting IT and OT at Rockwell Automation Fair 2019

2 min read

At this year's event, we are showcasing the incredible use cases and applications of Cisco and Rockwell technologies coming together by connecting IT and OT to securely and intelligently connect operational and business systems for end-to-end visibility.

August 2, 2019


Honeywell and Cisco unite for Building Technology Day

2 min read

Cisco and Honeywell hosted 78 customers in Madrid to discuss the future of Digital Buildings, sharing how Cisco and Honeywell collaborate to maximize the value customers receive from their buildings.

Securing Communications Between the Distribution Line and the Control Center

2 min read

As DistribuTECH kicks off, this is a great time to look more closely at how communications between distribution-line reclosers and a utility’s control center can work.

Active Network Delivers Environmental and Business Outcomes for IoT and Cities

2 min read

Visit our Itron and Cisco partnership page.  Connected things are proliferating in cities (1.6 billion in 2016) and utilities (600 million...