On June 18th, Cisco and Honeywell hosted 78 customers at Madrid’s Torre Espacio to discuss the future of Digital Buildings. This event was the first time Cisco and Honeywell have jointly presented with customers on how we can work together to maximize the value customers receive from their buildings.  Here’s a recap.

Francisco Escalona, Head of Data Science and AI at Orange educated the audience on “Big Data and Its Impact on Business”. He outlined how businesses must move through the predictable stages of data treatment:

Predictable stages of data treatment

  1. No Analysis – Take No Action on Data
  2. Descriptive Analysis – Classical Analysis to Describe “What Happened”
  3. Predictive Analysis – Use the Data to Predict “What Will Happen”
  4. Prescriptive Analysis – Use the Data and Your Predictions to Determine “What Action Should Be Taken”
  5. Artificial Intelligence – Use Artificial Intelligence to Automatically Implement Actions

Leaders from both Cisco and Honeywell presented a vision for Connected Buildings, the Power of Digitization in Buildings and an Overview of Honeywell’s Portfolio.

Together, Cisco and Honeywell:

  1. Maintain Safety and Security: Protecting people, assets and intellectual property by integrating information from building systems and alerting building management in real-time to system failures or security threats
  2. Deliver Resilient, Scalable Systems: Deploy, integrate and operate critical systems rapidly, easy and efficiently through Cisco and Honeywell knowledge, experience and technology.
  3. Enhance the Occupant Experience: Improve comfort, engagement and productivity by aligning space with usage patterns and connecting occupants to core building services.
  4. Automate and Optimize Assets: Transform buildings into productive, sustainable assets with solutions that increase CapEx and OpEx efficiency, connect building systems and provide access to real-time analytics.

A word from our customers

The event wrapped up with two customers sharing their stories.

Juan Carlos de las Heras, Security and Communications Director at Alstom shared the use of AI in Transport Control Systems.

Enrique Goni, Building Technology Management at Torre Espacio, shared the technology and automation plan for the events host facility, Torre Espacio.

Key Takeaways

The Technology Day in Madrid was an excellent example of how Cisco and Honeywell are creating new value for mutual customers.

  • Buildings become productive assets by allowing managers to capture new data sources and act on that information.
  • Capital assets are managed more efficiently which extends life cycle and reduces investment.
  • Operating expenses are minimized by managing energy consumption, moving maintenance to prioritized schedules and properly allocating space based
    on actual usage.
  • Occupant satisfaction is maximized by improving physical access, enabling immediate environmental controls feedback and maximizing availability.

Please let us know how we can help bring the message to customers in your area. Additional Technology Days are planned for London in September and Belgium in November.



Marisa Rutti

Partner Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing