Luca Relandini

Technology Solution Architect
Data Center - Digital Acceleration Team

I’m a Technology Solution Architect at Cisco Systems, in a European team focused on Data Center, Automation and Cloud Computing.

After a long career as a Enterprise Architect in the IT industry, working at enterprises, system integrators and software vendors (in professional services) I moved to pre-sales activities.

Here I can leverage what I learned: the human factor is more important than technology (i.e. organization and governance, as well as alignment of Business Strategy and IT Strategy, plus architectural design).

As long as you have (at least) good technology, people in your project will be more critical for the final outcome than the products you choose.

So (sometimes) I’m trusted by my customers because they understand I can guide them to achieve their goals. Because I’m not selling slides, I’m telling them the story of projects I’ve led or participated, explaining why they succeeded or failed.

I hope that the information shared here will be useful to you also.

Friends and peers are more than welcome, if they like to add their perspective to my stories.

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