Joseph Puthussery

Vice President, Marketing

Digital Marketing

Shaping the future through technology is more than a career for Joseph Puthussery (JP), it is a passionate pursuit to create a more connected world through data-driven insights and market intelligence. That’s why he builds agile, proactive teams that thrive with change as technology and industry evolves.

JP’s approach to converge marketing and digital transformation has set in motion Cisco’s marketing transformation with the tools, insights and expertise to make actionable connections with customers and enable their business outcomes.

With an engineering background, JP brings a strong point of view based on a technical foundation of knowledge and marketing mindset to understand what customers need and how Cisco can deliver.


November 20, 2018


Cisco’s Democratization of Data: A Common Language of Measurement

2 min read

By quantifying and measuring “engagement” around content, every single marketing activity can now be planned, goaled, tracked and optimized in a common context, enabling clear understanding of its relative impact.

July 2, 2018


Digital Pizza: How a Recipe Started Me Thinking on the B2B Customer Experience

3 min read

A simple experiment by a Michelin-starred chef sparked powerful results around one of the most sought after attributes a brand seeks to offer: positive customer experience.

Visualizing Data: Four Steps to Your Single Source of Truth

4 min read

At Cisco, we put our data to work to transform Digital Marketing. Decision making is more than capturing, organizing and visualizing customer data. It also involves nurturing a data-driven culture.

February 15, 2018


My Man Crush: Why Future Thinking Makes My Heart Beat

3 min read

I have a deep fascination for world-changing, mind-blowing, game-changing technology, and for ideas that transform our world, like digital transformation in business, and the digital evolution of our daily lives.