Jono Luk

Director of Product Management

Webex Platform

Jono is the Director of Product Management for the Webex Platform which includes the Developer, Enterprise, Security & Admin, Data & Analytics, Webex Graph and Customer Lifecycle parts of the Webex product family.

He recently joined Cisco from Microsoft, where he spent 12 years working across a variety of products and services including SharePoint Online, Azure Active Directory, Office 365 clients, Power BI, Dynamics 365 Common Data Service and most recently the Office 365 Threat Management Team.


August 21, 2019


New Webinars to Help you Get the Most from Webex, Highlighting Real Integrations Available Today

I am super excited to be meeting many of you this week at Cisco Live San Diego, and hearing ways in which Webex is delivering value, and helping people...

July 16, 2019


Hollywood Becomes Reality With Cisco + Oblong: Mezzanine Multi-Share for Cisco Webex Devices

A new “Cisco-first” user interface delivers a Minority Report multi-share experience to millions of Cisco Webex users.

March 28, 2019


3 Things to Consider for Safe and Secure Team Collaboration

We wanted to spend a moment to talk about a real-world, here-and-now problem that every company faces today: how do I keep my users and my company safe?

March 12, 2019


Uninterrupted Workstreams with Webex: Way more than just a meeting!

Whether working in Salesforce or in Webex Teams, Webex helps sales people gain the context they need to be more effective in their jobs.

November 8, 2018


Cisco Webex Teams Security Keeps Data and Teams Safe

The universal access that SaaS collaboration services provides has made cloud-connected work the preferred way to get things done. But, selecting the right services can be daunting, as users’ data is now stored in the cloud, and potentially transiting across the globe. I’ll talk through a couple of top of mind topics regarding security.