A New Mobile Advanced Supervision and Integrated Case Management Solution

Many crises are playing out in the world around us right now. On this day October 28. 2020, top of mind for us all is COVID-19, and of course, homelessness and hunger. Cisco is committed to helping with all of these issues (see our blog about contributing to fighting homelessness and our commitment to helping customers fight COVID-19). But what if I told you that there is another problem right here in the US that is in many ways exacerbated by these crises? That problem is incarceration.

The United States has a mere 4% of the world’s population, yet accounts for over 25% of the world’s incarcerated population – 2.2 million individuals! And in the US, over 9.3 million individuals are in some form of Community Supervision program as they are reintroduced to society, with arguably limited access to resources to support them on that journey.  There is a real opportunity for all of us to help improve these individuals’ lives as they embark on their trip to re-entry.

Enter Webex, Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio. Collaboration technology has always been about bringing people together to get things done. However, this promise is not limited to knowledge workers that sit at a desk or home. At Cisco Webex, we believe in bringing the right people together at the right time to make sure the right things happen.  And our partnership with TRACKtech is just the latest example of how we’re working to making this belief a reality across all walks of life.

Customized Connected Justice Solution for Partners

Cisco has partnered with TRACKtech to support a new approach to preventing recidivism. We are excited to share with you that TRACKtech is now available for sale through Cisco’s Solutions Plus program. This means that any customer of Cisco can take advantage of this innovative solution to improve its program members’ scale and quality experience!

TRACK Tech platformThis solution will be music to the ears of supervision officers, who contend with overwhelming caseloads as they strive to work in the best interest of both public safety and that of each program member they supervise. TRACKtech helps supervision officers focus on the program members who need help rather than those who don’t. They can supervise more program members efficiently with fewer resources. TRACKtech’s application automatically captures the important data, implements workflows, and creates reports, making the supervision officer’s job much easier, and the reports more accurate.

And TRACKtech gives program members confidence that when they are managing their commitments and responsibilities properly, their supervision officer knows it. This technology can connect them with employment assistance and offer a lifeline if they have concerns around mental health, need addiction counseling, or even require homelessness resources. When they are feeling at risk, there is help available.

Aligning Justice-Courts, Corrections, and Community Supervision to Maintain Operations 

Communication is 55% visual, and a critical component in supporting someone on community corrections, meaning Cisco Webex is an integral part of identifying program members’ issues. Thanks to Webex, supervision officers can perform virtual home visits with their program members, which increases their caseload scale and reduces the costs and need for additional headcount for organizations such as Federal Agencies, States, Districts, and even commercial companies in the criminal justice industry. With the TRACKphone device and the TRACKphone Lite app, TRACKtech helps individuals re-entering their community keep in touch with key resources to find employment and housing. And thanks to the Cisco Webex platform’s efficiency and security, all participants are ensured a reliable connection to their support network, with the highest level of data protection and privacy.

“Client demeanor is different on the videoconferencing than in the office, because I feel they are more relaxed. I think check-ins are easy for them as well. It doesn’t interfere with whatever they are doing at that time, as it’s a simple click.” – A Judicial District Supervision Officer said of utilizing TRACKtech

I hope you are as excited about our partnership with TRACKtech as I am. I joined Cisco 2 years ago to help make a difference in the world, and I truly believe that this partnership and the good things to come between Cisco and TRACKtech will help us all realize a better tomorrow together.

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