John Dominguez

Product Marketing

Cisco Security Business Group

John Dominguez is a product marketer in the Security Business Group at Cisco. With over 7 years experience in the networking and security industry, John is currently focused on the next-generation firewall marketplace. In his role, John is responsible for messaging and positioning, marketing strategy, content creation, sales and partner enablement, and product evangelism for the Cisco Next-Generation Firewall.

In his previous role, he marketed Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection product suite, including AMP for Endpoints, AMP for Networks, and Cisco’s “AMP Everywhere” campaign. Before that, John has worn many hats, including a stint in routing and switching product marketing, small business ownership, and general management for an industrial supply company.

John has an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Economics and Government from Dartmouth College.

John lives in San Francisco, California.


April 11, 2016


Solving the Security Patchwork Problem

Hackers today make it their job to understand your security technologies and how to exploit the gaps between them. And that’s the problem – there are a lot of gaps. In our own discussions with IT security pros, it isn’t unusual to find organizations that have deployed a patchwork of 40 to 60+ different security […]

March 29, 2016


The Power of an Integrated Threat Defense

At RSA this year and last, Marty Roesch, VP and Chief Architect for Cisco’s Security Business Group, talked about the need of an integrated threat defense to drive systemic response. The idea is to correlate and analyze data and telemetry from the multiple security technologies that organizations have deployed across different control points. And then […]

March 21, 2016


Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) vs Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Many colleagues, customers, and Cisco partners have asked me, “Why isn’t Cisco AMP for Endpoints included in Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP)?” The answer to us is pretty simple. AMP was not categorized as a traditional “EPP,” and hence, was not included in the report. According to Gartner, “Endpoint protection platforms […]

February 2, 2016


Cisco AMP for Endpoints Adds New Features

The threat landscape is ever-changing. Attackers continue to innovate and refine their tactics, and malware is more sophisticated than ever. New threats are surfacing every day, like the Angler exploit kit and the SSHPsychos DDoS attack. According to the 2016 Cisco Annual Security Report, ransomware is exploding, Adobe Flash vulnerabilities continue to be popular with […]

April 8, 2015


Cisco AMP Just Got Better – Enhancements for Continuous Breach Detection, Response, and Remediation

Breaches happen. It makes us cringe to say it, but it’s the obvious truth. A week doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about the latest breach in the news. All of us in the IT security industry would love to say, “our technology can prevent all breaches.” But it’s a pipedream. Being able to […]

April 1, 2015


Endpoint Visibility to Combat Advanced Attacks – I Want That

Protecting data, maintaining compliance, and enabling the business is a balancing act. Put too many controls in place and you inhibit workflow. Rely exclusively on traditional security tools and you lack the visibility to detect and respond to advanced attacks quickly. The industrialization of hacking has created an effective and efficient criminal economy. Attackers are […]

December 22, 2014


Continuous Protection on the Endpoint: Show Me

Advanced malware is dynamic, elusive, and evasive. Once it slithers into the organization’s extended network, it can very quickly proliferate, cause problems, and remain undetected by traditional point-in-time security tools. These tools poll or scan endpoints for malware or indicators of compromise at a moment in time, and then do not evaluate again until the […]

November 19, 2014


Endpoint Protection and Least Prevalence

Let’s face it, malware is everywhere now, and it’s here to stay. The statistics are staggering. According to the 2014 Cisco Annual Security Report, “100 percent of the business networks analyzed by Cisco had traffic going to websites that host malware” and 96 percent of the business networks analyzed had connections to known hijacked infrastructure […]

October 29, 2014


The Value of Endpoint and Network Protection Together

As I’ve discussed in past blog posts, advanced malware and sophisticated attacks are relentless as they compromise environments using new and stealthy techniques. Modern malware is dynamic and exists in an interconnected ecosystem that is constantly in motion. It will use an array of attack vectors, take endless form factors, and launch attacks over time. […]