Derek Mitsumori

Marketing Manager

By day, Derek Mitsumori is a marketing manager at Cisco, focusing on all things cloud. What it is. Why it’s important. And how it impacts day to day life.

From a trajectory that started out studying engineering at UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan, he transitioned to marketing upon joining Cisco in 2006. Prior to joining Cisco, he lived the service provider life, having worked on the early days of VOIP and IP communications as an engineer at GTE, Genuity, Level3, and Verizon.

By night (and weekends), Derek is a family man, expending what little energy he has left on getting his daughters to do their homework sooner rather than “later,” to practice piano with at least a convincing amount of effort and attention to detail, and to limit their screen time. That last one is still a work in progress.


April 3, 2017


Cloud, As Seen From My Recliner At Home

Our household is definitely “Alexa”-enabled, but behind the scenes, there’s also Apple, Logitech Harmony, Philips Hue, WeMo, Spotify, and Nest. Here’s the thing…without something to coordinate it all, what would my experience be like?