Dave Wilson


Global IoT Sales

As someone who constantly searches for the next greatest thing and asks, “how do we come up with new ideas before we actually need them?”, Dave Wilson was tapped to lead Cisco’s IoT Global Sales organization in 2019. Prior to this role, Dave was Cisco’s Country Director in New Zealand where he transformed the culture of the team, built significant growth, and guided customer and partner relationships. Dave joined Cisco in 2010 to serve as Regional Leader for Collaboration for New Zealand, after successfully serving as a business leader with companies such as, Ethan Group, the leading provider of next-generation IT and telecommunications services in Australia, Zintel Group, a technology solutions provider in New Zealand, and Ericsson. Not only is he recognized as a visionary and influencer in the global information and communication technology industry but a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. Dave is fueled by creativity and innovation. Always leading by example, he encourages risk-taking, authentic thinking and above all, passion. Dave’s passion is Digital Hope. He evangelizes his philosophy of leveraging technology for the betterment of humanity at mass and scale, to achieve amazing and powerful transformation, progress and enrichment. He strongly believes today’s technologists have a responsibility to not only help customers create new applications that will transform their businesses and help them meet strategic goals, but also revolutionize tomorrow’s world. He and his team of pioneers bring tools that help Cisco’s customers build the internet of the future; one that improves healthcare systems, ensures safer communities, and creates honest communication through a worldwide digital neighborhood. Dave is deeply committed to creating opportunities and making positive change both in and out of the workplace. He actively supports key initiatives such as • Mentemia, a mental health wellbeing platform • Youthline which increases awareness for mental health and wellness • Rescue Run which aids New Zealand’s emergency service charities Dave studied Business Computing at Waiariki Institute of Technology in Auckland.


Practicing Digital Hope, one clean drop of water at a time

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority implements smart water solutions to modernize the city’s drinking and wastewater treatment facilities and wins the prestigious international World Smart City Award.

December 9, 2020


Why I Practice Digital Hope

Combining hope with technology and passion to make a difference for everyone is what Dave Wilson calls "Digital Hope."