Darrel Stickler

Sustainable Business Practices

Corporate Affairs

Darrel has more than 20 years experience in engineering, manufacturing, enterprise software, and joint venture development, in the diverse fields of commercial nuclear power, semiconductor wafer fabrication, personal computers and, at Cisco, network solutions. At Cisco, Darrel currently works in the Sustainable Business Practices group, which authors Cisco's annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, responds to stakeholder CSR inquiries, performs Cisco's CSR stakeholder analysis, and maintains membership in key CSR-related industry groups. Cisco groups employee, social, corporate governance and environmental programs under CSR.


Innovating solutions to climate change: Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021

3 min read

The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is a competition that awards cash prizes to early-stage technology entrepreneurs solving the world's social and environmental problems. This year, we are also offering a Greenhouse Gas Solutions Prize.

Working from home — unlimited snacks, but is it good for the environment?

4 min read

The environmental benefits of working from home are more difficult to calculate than it might first appear. This Earth Day we take a look at why.

Corporate Knights and CDP Announce Global Sustainability Leaders

3 min read

Earlier this week, both CDP and Corporate Knights announced the results of their 2019 assessment of thousands of global companies in the areas of climate change (CDP) and the broader topic of sustainability (Corporate Knights). Read on to see how we performed.

Live from Davos: CDP and Corporate Knights Highlight Global Sustainability Leaders

2 min read

On Tuesday of this week, both CDP and Corporate Knights announced the results of their 2018 assessment of thousands of global companies in the areas of climate change and the broader topic of sustainability.

Global Climate Action Series: Cisco Announces Ambitious Product Power Efficiency Goal

3 min read

Today we are announcing a product power efficiency goal: improve large rack-mounted-equipment system power efficiency from 77% to 87% by 2022 using an FY2016 baseline.

Cisco Announces New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

2 min read

To continue reducing our GHG emissions, in line with recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have set additional Scope 1 and 2 GHG reduction goals

Three Ways to Make Virtual Connections Count for Business and the Planet

5 min read

Cisco and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) have partnered to explore how to implement a virtual collaboration platform that maximizes a broad range of benefits, with CDP expanding its use of collaboration technologies like Cisco Telepresence and Cisco WebEx.

Cisco Tops CDP Carbon Rankings

2 min read

Over the last month, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) has released its assessments of how publicly traded companies around the world scored on the CDP’s 2014 Climate Change Information Request. I think 2014 marks a dozen years that CDP has been moving the needle on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reporting. On September 23, CDP released the […]

Earth Day 2014: Time for Hope (and Frustration)

2 min read

If you’re into sustainability, Earth Day can be a bit like New Year’s Day. A time to reflect. A time of hope. Maybe a bit of frustration with things not yet completed. But impatience can grease the wheels of change… A time of hope. Today, sustainability isn’t just the province of non-profit advocacy groups. Unlike […]

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