Cindy DeCarlo

Director, Sales Business Development

Cindy DeCarlo is the Director for U.S. Public Safety and Defense Business Development for Cisco. Her team is responsible for opening new markets, driving the development of new pipelines, and managing senior-level relationships by leveraging their unique domain expertise, access and perspectives. Ms DeCarlo initiated and has been leading Cisco’s support and engagement with the CyberPatriot program since its inception.


August 16, 2017


CyberPatriot Prepares Students to Protect the Digitized World

Students arrive in Baltimore, Md., wearing embroidered jackets with logos and names stitched in bright colors on their sleeves. They’re members of different teams, but not sports teams. They’re together to compete in CyberPatriot’s National Youth Cyber Competition, the largest middle school and high school cyber defense competition in the United States.

June 26, 2015


Network-Centric Warfare: How IoE is Transforming Defense

The power of the Internet of Everything (IoE) lies in connecting the unconnected, bringing together people, process, data and things to create new and exciting possibilities. These connections are already transforming the world today, from corporate business to local government. One area in particular that has been significantly transformed by connectivity over the years is […]