Cisco Thought Leadership in Government

The need to protect critical government infrastructure is nothing new. And the desire/need to establish a zero trust environment for government operations has also been well articulated. But how does an organization get started on its zero trust journey? It can often feel like the proverbial challenge of “how do you eat an elephant”… one bite at a time. And although there is no “Easy Button” or “shiny object” that will deploy zero trust in a “click” – many organizations already have the tools necessary to get started on this journey.Cisco Government Thought Leadership - Security relience for government

For additional information on this journey – please take a few minutes to read Thought Leadership Piece on Security Resilience for Government, where we explore:

  • Establish trust
  • Enforce trust-based access
  • Continuously verify trust
  • Respond to change in trust





Cindy DeCarlo

Director, Sales Business Development