Cassie Roach

Vice President

Global Public Sector

Cassie Roach is Vice President of Global Public Sector for Cisco. She formally assumed this role on October 7, 2019.

As Vice President for the Public Sector, Cassie is focused on leading our global teams to guide more than 40,000 customers around the world to better understand and use technology, data and innovation to address the rapidly changing dynamics in their countries and enable better outcomes in the areas that really matter to citizens – public safety, education and healthcare.

Throughout her tenure at Cisco, Cassie has served in a number of leadership positions including Director of Public Sector Operations, Americas – Cisco’s largest region covering America, Latin America and Canada during which she was instrumental in leading the transformation of the company’s global sales approach; Director of Operations, US Public Sector, SLED; Director of Operations, U.S. Public Sector Sales and Director, Advisory Services, Healthcare Practice during which time she partnered with Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility organization working on the Connected Sichuan program in partnership with the Chinese province of Sichuan to rebuild education and healthcare systems destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 2008.

Cassie is the Board Chair for the Colorado Literacy and Learning Centre; a leader on the Public Technology Institute’s Advisory Council and former Executive Sponsor for Cisco’s Connected Women’s Action Network, now known as the Women Of Cisco, of which she is still an active member.

Cassie holds a bachelor’s degree in political and social science from Michigan State University.


October 16, 2019


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