Our journey through Cisco’s #FutureofPublicSector series today puts us right in front of the bridge between hope and possibility.

We all have opportunities to address the realities of a growing society, including: economic issues, social or educational barriers, the need for better healthcare, public safety concerns, and environmental sustainability. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, many of us use technology in one form or another every day, which can help to make our lives more seamless.

The common denominator in this is people. Whether it’s protecting communities, educating students, or caring for people’s health, it’s about all of us. By focusing on people, we can better understand what’s needed, and help by using technology as a force multiplier to keep our countries, communities, and schools safe, while improving lives. 

We build the bridge between envisioning a better world and creating one.

Global problems need local solutions. See how Cisco solutions are helping to create safer and more robust communities.

Learn more about the featured stories below.


University of Granada

Reinventing the learning experience for one of the oldest universities in Spain

85,000 students, teachers and researchers connected through a Cisco network
Learn about the University of Granada

New Orleans

Helping to keep people safe and supporting the city’s most profitable industry — tourism

Cisco-powered real-time crime centers help keep New Orleans streets safe 24/7
See the New Orleans story

The Medibus

Connecting people to doctors and delivering healthcare to those who need it most

The Medibus connects people to doctors for treatment and care where it's needed most.
Read more about the Medibus

The Bridge to Possible

When we focus on the future, we bridge the gap between envisioning a better world tomorrow, while creating it today.

Explore how Cisco can solve your public sector challenges

What do you think? How are you using technology improve your community? Share your thoughts below, and watch for the next installment of our #FutureofPublicSector blog series where we explore the future of communities.   


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Cassie Roach

Vice President Sales and Sustainability

Acceleration and Action Office