Carlos Pereira

Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect

Strategy, Applications, Emerging Technologies and Incubation

Carlos Pereira is a Fellow and the Chief Architect of Cisco’s Strategy, Incubation and Applications organization. Carlos’ main focus are technology innovations and cross-architecture related development, integrations, strategy and alignment with Cisco’s main customer initiatives and vectors of growth. Carlos's expertise touches a wide range of technical and business fields, such as infrastructure, applications, security, multi-cloud, observability, analytics, and consumption models. For over two decades Carlos has been helping and engaged with Cisco customers and partners on technology strategy, design, architectures, and implementation.


November 21, 2023


Powering Observability at Scale with Telemetry

Users expect applications to be flawless. Telemetry diversity drives performant digital experiences. Operationalize the OpenTelemetry framework with Cisco Observability Platform.

August 10, 2023


Cisco Drives Full-Stack Observability with Telemetry

End-to-end connectivity, application performance and user experience are closely correlated and data has to be holistically observed across multiple domains. Cisco Full Stack Observability can help you turn your MELT data into actionable insights so you can deliver the best user experience.

April 11, 2023


Optimizing application security remediation with business context

The more digital transformation accelerates, the more organizations are faced with complex changes and challenges. Customers and end users expect access to products and services anyplace, at any time, from any device. The war for their satisfaction and loyalty is fought on the battlefield of applications and the experiences they deliver. From ever-increasing amounts of […]