MELT data

March 4, 2024


Data Processing in Cisco Observability Platform – A Step-by-Step Guide

8 min read

Cisco Observability Platform is designed to ingest and process vast amounts of MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces) data. It is built on top of open standards like OpenTelemetry to ensure interoperability. See how its provision of extensions let you tailor every facet of its functionality to your unique needs.

November 21, 2023


Powering Observability at Scale with Telemetry

5 min read

Users expect applications to be flawless. Telemetry diversity drives performant digital experiences. Operationalize the OpenTelemetry framework with Cisco Observability Platform.

August 24, 2023


CloudFabrix helps organizations observe their vSphere environments with cloud native applications on Cisco Observability …

2 min read

If you utilize VMware vSphere enterprise workload platform for your business-critical applications, take a look at the CloudFabrix module that helps you observe vSphere through Cisco Observability Platform for a more centralized, consolidated view.

August 18, 2023


Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform: Rapid Development and Partner Collaboration

6 min read

Cisco FSO platform is a ground-breaking, customer-centric platform that has both out-of-the-box functionality and ready made modules, and gives you the power to develop what you need for your own specific use cases.