Metrics Events Logs and Traces (MELT)

April 16, 2024


Answering the Executive “Why” and “What” for Full-Stack Observability

3 min read

As the adoption of multiple clouds, application architectures, and digital transformation leads complexity to soar, executives realize that the need to deliver secure, high-performing digital experiences for employees, partners, and customers has never been more acute. Cisco Full-Stack Observability can help.

March 4, 2024


Data Processing in Cisco Observability Platform – A Step-by-Step Guide

8 min read

Cisco Observability Platform is designed to ingest and process vast amounts of MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces) data. It is built on top of open standards like OpenTelemetry to ensure interoperability. See how its provision of extensions let you tailor every facet of its functionality to your unique needs.

November 21, 2023


Powering Observability at Scale with Telemetry

5 min read

Users expect applications to be flawless. Telemetry diversity drives performant digital experiences. Operationalize the OpenTelemetry framework with Cisco Observability Platform.

August 18, 2023


Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform: Rapid Development and Partner Collaboration

6 min read

Cisco FSO platform is a ground-breaking, customer-centric platform that has both out-of-the-box functionality and ready made modules, and gives you the power to develop what you need for your own specific use cases.

August 10, 2023


Cisco Drives Full-Stack Observability with Telemetry

3 min read

End-to-end connectivity, application performance and user experience are closely correlated and data has to be holistically observed across multiple domains. Cisco Full Stack Observability can help you turn your MELT data into actionable insights so you can deliver the best user experience.

July 26, 2023


Innovation in the Age of Application Observability

2 min read

In The Age of Application Observability, Cisco shows how the rapid adoption of cloud-native technologies is dramatically improving speed to innovation, while offering greater agility, reliability and scalability, all while delivering exceptional end-user experiences.

April 7, 2023


Extending observability with the Cisco Observability Platform

1 min read

There’s long been a need for better visibility and correlated insights across applications, cloud environments, and user experiences. And the need has only intensified with: Applications becoming increasingly virtualized, cloud-native, and distributed Data availability and security becoming more paramount User experiences increasingly tied to business productivity and success Having a comprehensive visibility solution that pieces […]