Keep your operations teams productive and responsive with unified service and telemetry data

Operations practitioners, SREs, and IT Ops leaders struggle with tool sprawl and siloed operations that can limit their productivity. This challenge is so extensive that 56% of respondents to a recent IDC survey report that they are using 10 or more monitoring and observability tools. Additionally, these tools are monitoring dense operational stacks including application, networking, security, end user computing, cloud services, and multi-cloud domains. The alert and event data in these complex environments can produce excess noise that slows response times and makes it difficult to tune into critical issues. This is one of the reasons that 37% of respondents in that same report stated that “data collection and correlation across critical IT management domains… as their #1 most important observability solution capability.”

This week, Cisco is pleased to announce the general availability of Cisco AIOps, a seamless new solution for IT Operations. We’ve developed this solution to give Ops teams and SREs a greater ability to automate IT processes and keep operations teams productive and responsive through comprehensive visibility and correlation. Cisco AIOps solution unifies data from infrastructure, applications and end-users monitoring tools, simplifies real-time business health monitoring, and significantly reduces noise from events and alerts.

Resolve Issues faster and automate IT operations

Full-stack observability requires data from a broad set of telemetry signals (Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces), brings business context and also works with service data (ITSM, ITOM, CMDB). Collecting and analyzing this data, especially across multiple domains, can become complex. In particular, gaining real-time visibility of infrastructure with a unified view of event and alert data from applications and end-users can be a frustrating experience. Additionally, there are numerous challenges responding to critical issues quickly while facing redundant or excess noise from these many data sources.

Cisco AIOps makes it easier to speed issue detection and resolution, and automate IT Operations with the following capabilities:

Unified monitoring

Gain a consolidated view of multicloud infrastructure and business applications across the organization by simplifying data collection and integration across multiple vendors / providers. For instance, it unifies telemetry data ingestion from Cisco AppDynamics SaaS Cloud Service, Cisco ThousandEyes, Cisco Catalyst Center , VMWare and ServiceNow (ITSM, ITOM and CMDB), to name a few. Pre-packaged collectors for Cisco infrastructure remove the need to develop custom collectors.

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Real-time business health

Easily view application and infrastructure health in the context of your business entities to troubleshoot faster and automate IT processes. Cisco AIOps is built on the Cisco Observability Platform, which supports logs in addition to alerts, events and metrics with entity-based business context so that your telemetry can be analyzed by service or business views, without the need to rewrite metadata.

Cross-domain service insights

Reduce noise and accelerate time to detect and resolve issues across dense operational stacks with event and alert correlation using time and topology insights. You can also use dynamic thresholds-based alerting on metrics and events, and multiple anomaly-detection approaches directly in the AIOps solution, rather than individually configuring source monitoring tools.

Getting better results

The Cisco AIOps solution enables Operations teams to work more efficiently to improve experiences with the applications your customers and employees depend on most. By providing a seamless and standardized way to collect and analyze data, your Operations teams will more easily achieve the following outcomes:

  • Faster Troubleshooting: By unifying changes, monitoring, topology data and correlation, all Ops teams can optimize responses and trigger actions based on a single source of truth, reducing friction between teams and accelerating issue resolution.
  • Business Impact Analysis: By correlating issues with business context, the impact of incidents and outages can be better understood. This helps Ops teams prioritize incident response and resolution for more efficient use of team resources.
  • Noise Reduction: By correlating changes, alerts, events, business-entities and topology data alert fatigue from tool sprawl and infrastructure data growth is significantly reduced.

You can get started now with the generally available Cisco AIOps solution.

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Carlos Pereira

Cisco Fellow

Chief Architect, SI&A