Ben Munroe

Director of Product Marketing

Cisco Security

Ben Munroe is a Senior Director in Cisco Security, having joined from the acquisition of Sourcefire in 2013. With a background in network security, specifically Intrusion Prevention Systems, he has covered all security product lines at Cisco. He recently helped launch the SecureX platform that offers integrated visibility and orchestrated response for SecOps, NetOps and ITOps. Munroe currently leads the worldwide security product marketing team. This team includes the thought leadership group that publishes threat, privacy and benchmark data and the popular Security Stories podcast for CISOs and aspiring security leaders. Prior to Sourcefire, Munroe spent 10 years working for IT and cybersecurity companies including TippingPoint, IBM and SAP. Before that, he worked for musicians such as The Rolling Stones and David Bowie and wrote widely on travel, art and culture.


October 8, 2021


4 Keys to Create a Thriving Cybersecurity Team for Long-Term Success

4 min read

Some of the most rewarding moments are when you listen. In this blog, Cisco's Ben Munroe shares four valuable lessons for building a thriving team.

May 18, 2021


New Study: Reducing Security Incidents and Impact with Endpoint Protection

4 min read

How are IT pros using endpoint security in their defenses? Read Cisco's report to learn how endpoint protection is enabling organizations to build security.

March 31, 2021


A Successful Security Platform Requires the Strongest Partner Ecosystem

6 min read

For a security product to be “best of breed” today, it has to include a platform experience. This week at Cisco Live, we’re taking our platform approach to the next level.

February 24, 2021


Balancing Safety and Security During a Year of Remote Working

4 min read

While the pandemic will not last forever, remote and hybrid working are here to stay. How can you best secure your organization for these new ways of doing business?

January 14, 2021


New Year, New Outcomes: How We Can Do Better in 2021

4 min read

In 2020, we unveiled our integrated security platform, Cisco SecureX, for improved visibility, automation, and collaboration. While these capabilities sound great, do they actually result in better security? Our recent survey delivers a resounding ‘yes.’

October 28, 2020


What’s next for Cisco SecureX?

3 min read

This week, we’re sharing details on some of the Cisco SecureX innovations that will further reduce complexity and increase protection for our customers.

October 30, 2020


Streamlining Security with Cisco SecureX

4 min read

In addition to making our technology easier to use through Cisco SecureX, we have updated our portfolio with a new, simplified naming architecture.

September 24, 2020


From Firewalls to Firewalling – The Future of Enterprise Security

4 min read

Now that the network perimeter is anything but static, some may wonder if the firewall is still relevant for protecting today’s enterprise. The answer is yes, now more than ever.

July 29, 2020


Cisco SecureX – What’s driving our platform?

5 min read

Along with the launch of Cisco SecureX came several new capabilities that help future-proof our platform. Learn about the latest innovations powering our integrated security approach.