Impactful simplicity, visibility, and efficiency through XDR and more

Over the past several years, we’ve made incredible headway in our mission to simplify, streamline, and strengthen security for our customers. With the launch of Cisco SecureX, we focused those efforts into bringing you a cloud-native, built-in platform experience to tackle your biggest pain point – rising complexity.

Cisco SecureX brings together a wide range of security, networking, and IT technologies to deliver impactful simplicity, visibility, and efficiency. By providing XDR capabilities and more with every Cisco Secure product, SecureX lessens the burden of having to correlate intelligence from disparate technologies and conduct time-consuming, manual response.

Not only do we clear the path for more comprehensive, holistic security by integrating our own products, but we also work closely with many technical alliance partners to provide third-party integrations. This allows customers to incorporate other technologies they already have into the platform to further increase the value of their SecureX deployment.

With the Cisco SecureX platform, you can:

  • Simplify your security with an open architecture and broad set of integrations that allow you to use various products together to better defend your infrastructure.
  • Enhance your visibility with a unified view and in-depth analytics across your entire security ecosystem, accelerating the time to detect and investigate even the most hidden threats.
  • Increase your efficiency through automation and streamlined security operations to lower costs and improve productivity.

When we first unveiled SecureX, we told you that it wasn’t the end, but rather a crucial stepping stone in our journey to simplicity. SecureX is a dynamic platform through which we will continue to incorporate new features and functionality to enhance your security posture. We want to continue helping your business become more resilient and your security teams more relaxed, while at the same time accomplishing more.

The latest innovations

This week at our digital Partner Summit, we’re sharing details on some of the SecureX innovations that will further reduce complexity and increase protection for our customers. These innovations include:

  • Cisco SecureX orchestration – With SecureX orchestration, you can use pre-built or easily customizable workflows to automate routine security tasks. Leverage already created workflows aligned to common use cases, or build custom workflows with a drag-and-drop interface that requires no special skills to use. Draw upon both Cisco and third-party technologies to enable automated actions that decrease onerous work for security teams.
  • In-depth collaboration with the SecureX ribbon – Cisco SecureX fosters improved collaboration among security, networking, and IT groups. Now, with the SecureX ribbon, operational disconnects between these groups can be further reduced. The ribbon allows for the saving and sharing of information across teams and tools, and stays with you when you pivot to other applications to maintain context around certain events. It provides a single location for various team members to get answers and take actions without having to continuously switch back and forth between consoles.
  • New Cloud Security Posture Management – Integrated with SecureX, Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics enables greater collaboration between SecOps and DevOps to help your business maintain proper cloud security posture. It now includes a highly flexible event viewer that allows your SecOps team to monitor for behavior that may be indicative of threats or misconfigurations in the cloud. They can then easily share this information with DevOps, the group ultimately responsible for addressing gaps in cloud security. These new features are designed to encourage more transparency to help safeguard sensitive workloads in the public cloud.
  • Cisco Secure portfolio simplification – In addition to making our security technology easier to use, we have also made it easier to understand through a simplification of our product portfolio and naming. Products under our Cisco Secure brand now have more descriptive names that more closely map to customer outcomes and objectives, and we have reduced the overall number of different product names by 50 percent to minimize confusion for our customers.

Cisco SecureX is the broadest, most integrated security platform in the industry, protecting you from the network and cloud to endpoints and applications. The core of SecureX, and where we started, is with threat response. We have built onto the platform from there to make it more inclusive for addressing a wide range of security use cases, including but not limited to XDR.

Customer success with SecureX

Approximately 11,000 customers have already taken advantage of SecureX threat response, and 72% have been able to eliminate manual investigation tasks. According to Simon Evans, Security Engineer with the Royal Bank of Canada, “Any product like SecureX threat response that integrates easily with our current infrastructure and gives us more visibility into what is going on from a threat perspective is a plus.”

SecureX enables security teams to focus on more forward-thinking initiatives versus just basic responsibilities, helping you grow your business instead of simply keeping it running. We will continue to evolve the SecureX platform and work with our partners to meet our customers’ growing needs amidst an ever-changing and more challenging business environment.

For more information, find out what Gartner has to say about XDR, and visit our SecureX page for the latest updates.


Ben Munroe

Director of Product Marketing

Cisco Security