Ben Greenbaum

Applied Sciences Engineer

Advanced Threat Solutions

Ben Greenbaum has been in the computer security and threat intelligence industry since the early days of SecurityFocus.com in the late 1990s. He has been responsible for architecture and design of some of the world’s largest threat intelligence repositories and award-winning downstream products.

At Cisco, he is responsible for helping customers make the most of our automated malware intelligence and analysis technologies and acting as a liaison between customers, sales, and engineering.


July 27, 2021


Threat Intelligence in SecureX: Fast, Free, or Easy (Pick any three)

3 min read

Configuring supported relay modules in SecureX has been recently simplified, greatly improving the leverage of many tools you may already use, in more effective and efficient ways. By how much, and to what benefit? Read on to find out.

June 18, 2021


Announcing SecureX Academy

2 min read

A core pillar of the SecureX mission is to simplify security. With SecureX Academy, we are simplifying SecureX adoption and integration. Check it out!

July 11, 2019


Cisco Threat Response Plugin: Defeat Threats With Just a Few Clicks

3 min read

With Cisco Threat Response, customers receive a powerful solution that can streamline and simplify detection, investigation, and remediation of threats. All of this can be accessed from a very easy, powerful tool in the new browser plugin (for Chrome and Firefox).

September 15, 2018


Threat Grid Cloud updates, summer 2018

4 min read

Every month, the Threat Grid development team brings you new features and capabilities in the Threat Grid cloud, and these past summer months were no different.

July 3, 2018


Cisco Visibility Casebooks: Saving You Time When You Need It Most

2 min read

Time is critical when facing an incoming attack. Security analysts and incident responders must quickly detect, investigate, understand, and react quickly to limit any potential damage.

January 23, 2018


Explore the Threat Intelligence Capabilities in the Threat Grid API

2 min read

Cisco Threat Grid offers a powerful combination of automated malware analysis and advanced threat intelligence. Threat Grid is the file analysis backend of all Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions (ATS) products, and is directly usable via a portal account in the cloud deployment or portal access to a local appliance version. What is less well known, […]

January 31, 2018


The new face of Threat Grid for 2018

3 min read

Threat Grid's engineering team is always working on improvements to our leading malware analysis and threat intelligence platform. In the latter part of 2017 and into early 2018, the team...

January 26, 2018


Demystifying the API (Using Threat Grid as an Example)

3 min read

Let's talk about API usage. An API is a means of interacting with a program via another program. Just like a UI is a User Interface, an API is an...