SecureX has changed the way our customers do the work of securing their environments. We have been able to bring together the Cisco Secure portfolio, 3rd party tools and data sources, and a robust platform architecture into which these technologies can be plugged, in a way that saves organizations time and money and increases their security, using just the free SecureX architecture and the tools and people they already have.

Along the way, we have provided documentation, tutorial and demo videos, FAQs, and more to assist in the journey from first login to “SecureX everyday” expert. To bolster your teams’ fundamental knowledge on SecureX use cases, your users can even join Cisco’s threat hunting workshop at no cost to develop your team’s skills and test their abilities. They’ll be armed with knowledge and hands-on experience in hunting down threats and defending your environment against adversaries.

The beauty of SecureX is its usability, providing a smooth and flat learning curve. What has been missing from our portfolio of supporting content is a single structured curriculum that walks that journey with you.

Until now.

At SecureX Academy you can find a curated collection of some of the best existing material alongside all new content, all from Cisco SecureX experts, and all meant to guide you from basic concepts to full operationalization and beyond. Learning Paths allow you to consume courses and lessons at your own pace and in a logical order, each building on the knowledge gained in the previous.

You will learn what SecureX is, what it is for, how to access it, how it is organized, what the components are, and more – all the way from general theory to specific tutorials about individual orchestration workflows and integrating technologies.

SecureX Guided Portal Tour / Platform Overview
SecureX Guided Portal Tour View

In the SecureX Platform section, you will see courses about the use cases and features of SecureX at a high level, and then dig down into each of the main feature areas and the problems it solves, and the specific tools that help you solve them.


Orchestration Workflows View
Orchestration Workflows View

In the Orchestration Workflows section, you will get detailed video tutorials and walkthroughs and case studies of what each one does and how to configure it.


Integrations View & Instructions
Integrations View

Under Integrations, you will find step by step video tutorials and text instructions on how to get each supported Cisco technology up and running with and as part of SecureX.

These are just some examples – there are several more topics, and even more already in production.

Like everything else SecureX, we are constantly building on SecureX Academy. Future offerings will include advanced usage of orchestration, the data model and APIs, threat response relay modules, best practices for daily operations, and more.

The individual videos and FAQs (and product documentation!) will still be there for when you need to look up specific information. But if you’re looking for a direct, start-to finish, complete guide, SecureX Academy is what you want.

A core pillar of the SecureX mission is to simplify security. With SecureX Academy, we are simplifying SecureX adoption and integration. Be sure to check it out and bookmark it for your future training and development.

We want to hear from you— what are you hoping SecureX will make easier for you? (Personally, I’ve always said that if you don’t want to make your job easier, then SecureX just isn’t for you).


We’d love to hear what you think. Ask a Question, Comment Below, and Stay Connected with Cisco Secure on social!

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