According to leading analyst firms, in the next two years, the majority of business analysts will be using data preparation tools to access, prepare and deliver data for analysis.

Significant reductions in time and effort benefit the business. However, because these efforts often occur outside the domain of IT, the traditional guardians of governance, scalability and security, enterprises are at risk.

Cisco has the answer with Cisco Data Preparation, the only enterprise-grade data preparation solution that satisfies Business and IT needs.

Demand for Data Preparation is Driven By Business

Following the rise of self-service analytics and big data, self-service data preparation demand is exploding as organizations struggle with all the manual steps typically required to get the data ready in advance of analysis. Slide1

Business users quickly fall in love with Cisco Data Preparation’s ease-of-use, agility and comprehensive functionality. This is critical as traditional integration methods, even agile ones such as Cisco Data Virtualization, still require bottlenecked IT’s help.

And the results are tremendous as faster data preparation yields faster insights and thus better business outcomes sooner.

But IT Needs a Seat at the Table

While it is fabulous that business is readily embracing data preparation, IT still requires a seat at the table. Why? IT is responsible for data governance, security and scalability. This is especially important as the number of users rise into the hundreds and the volumes of data being prepared rises into the terabytes. And no one wants a “Wall Street Journal Moment” where your company is on the cover of the Journal due to a data security breach.

Win-Win with Cisco Data Preparation

So as you, like many others, adopt data preparation tools over the next few years, remember to consider both the business and IT requirements.

Here is the essentials checklist from the business side:

  • Easy to Use
  • Agile
  • Comprehensive

And here is the essentials checklist from the IT side:

  • Governed
  • Secure
  • Scalable

It doesn’t have to be a win for the business or a win for IT. With Cisco Data Preparation it can be a win for both.

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