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ACG Research says “Cisco Continues to grow Market Share Leadership in Mobility” – #1 in Mobile IP Infrastructure, Packet Core, Mobile Backhaul, PCRF, and Mobile IP Core” for Q1 2015.

…nificant IoE adoption across many business verticals (e.g., agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and transportation) as well as connected home deployments (i.e., video security, smart meters, lighting/temperature control, etc.). Connected Health consumer segment will represent the fastest M2M connections growth at 8.6-fold (54 percent CAGR) from 2014 to 2019; Connected home segment will represent nearly half (48 percent) of M2M connec…


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Internet of Everything Innovation Centers Facilitate Change

…in Berlin, for example, is focused on enabling innovation that can reduce operating costs in in manufacturing, transportation and logistics. At our Center in London, projects are underway in lighting, building management, transportation and the public sector.  Partners are studying the relationship between light color and heat perception, allowing connected lighting to elicit different moods while controlling energy costs. While each center refl…


A Tour of Cisco’s Allen Data Center

…, and a bicycle rack. Yeah, a bicycle rack. Part of the Leeds certificate is the ability for alternate modes of transportation to the office. Installing a bicycle rack and shower inside was an easy way to get additional points for the Leeds certification. Powering all the things The Data Center has two separate (side A and side B) 10 MegaWatt feeds from two different electricity service providers. They also have solar panels on the roof that gene…


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Trading Mobile Dollars for IoT Pennies

…t IoT the majority of the use cases are like my trash bin example – sensors monitoring the temperature of transportation cargo, parking sensors alerting when a spot is free, or smart meters communicating daily energy consumption.  This would mean that these 1 Billion new M2M connections could represent just 1 percent of the revenue that the industry would have traditionally collected if those connections had been to people and their smartph…


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The Internet of Everything and Making the Digital Transformation: The Value of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem

…tegic partners, application developers, and infrastructure platform partners play important roles in this area. Transportation: In Connected Transportation, Cisco works with turnkey transportation system providers, specialized transportation software solution providers, and systems integrators and consultants to improve safety, efficiency and mobility. To really be ready for this digital transformation, customers need to transform their busines…


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