Jason Royes

Senior Manager

Customer Experience (CX)

Jason is a seasoned offensive security leader who began his career in 2005. Throughout his career, he has held various roles, gaining valuable experience in multiple cybersecurity domains including reverse engineering, application security, and device security. He joined Cisco through the acquisition of Neohapsis in 2015 and is currently dedicated to helping customers meet their connected device security testing requirements. In addition to managing Cisco's connected device security testing practice, Jason is a graduate student at Georgia Tech where he studies the security of cyber-physical systems. In his personal life, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying the South Florida outdoors, particularly fishing.


Grounded by Cybersecurity: Protecting the Aviation Industry from Digital Threats

Securing aviation systems involves proactively identifying, assessing, and addressing potential security vulnerabilities within aviation infrastructure. The work entails simulating cyber-attacks and exploiting weaknesses within the aviation ecosystem. These include communication networks, air traffic control systems, and aircraft avionics. By emulating the techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world threat actors, cybersecurity professionals can uncover hidden vulnerabilities and evaluate the resiliency of aviation systems against cyber intrusions. The findings from these tests can then be used to develop effective countermeasures, enhance security policies, and contribute to the safety of passengers, crew, and ground personnel.