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Where is Technology Innovation Heading?

…students and researchers to push the boundaries and explore areas that will enable tomorrow’s technology innovation. To have a preview of what the future could look like, we at Cisco asked 60 leading academic professors in Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science (CS) in 25 top universities worldwide the following question: “What areas of research will you be focusing on going forward?”. Here are 4 things, which we lear…


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Verizon Partners with Cisco to Set Roadmap to 5G Technology in U.S.; Field Trials to Start in 2016

…zon 5G Technology Forum, co-hosted by Cisco, and have established working teams to ensure an aggressive pace of innovation. By nearly all accounts, 5G technology should be introduced in the U.S. sometime after 2020, but Verizon is accelerating the expected rate of innovation, and Cisco is very pleased to help drive this new wave of development. According to the latest annual update of the Cisco® Visual Networking Index™ (VNI) Global Mobile Data T…


Not always disruptive, not always technology driven. Which innovation type is right for your organization?

Today’s conversations around innovation – particularly within the IT industry – tend to paint it as something disruptive, technology-based and radically changing markets. This is a partial picture of it. It’s not always necessary to be radical, and it is not just about introducing new products or services into a market. There are several types of innovation that are equally effective and can bring enduring sources of competitive advantage. Havi…


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The innovation imperative: Why does innovation matter?

Innovation has become an imperative for society at large. Whether it be entrepreneurs starting new ventures, large established corporations trying to defend their market position, or countries facing increased global competition, everyone is attempting to innovate. What does this mean? It means they turn new ideas into widely used practice. The reasons are clear: the benefits from innovation are highly promising. At a macro-economic level, the c…


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Are We Disrupting Ourselves Out of Jobs?

…lass? How do we provide skills to under-served communities? Quite a bit of these threads are discussed in the Innovation for Jobs forum. Cisco is well on its way in structuring skills training via our Certification Program and via Network Academy. Now, 40% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet today. We can expect another 3 billion to be connected within the next 3-5 years from countries other than North America and Europ…


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