My favorite part about being the leader of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Full-Stack Observability is our never-ending drive to ensure we are delivering the best, most impactful solutions to meet our customers’ critical business needs. The breadth and depth of our latest innovations for Cisco Observability Platform — — are a testament to this pursuit and our commitment to helping organizations deliver exceptional digital experiences for their own customers, teams and businesses.

Our dedication to innovation

Since launching Cisco Observability Platform at Cisco Live US in 2023, we have been laser-focused on adding new observability solutions to help our customers reduce the complexity inherent to their IT infrastructure. Cisco Observability Platform is unique, in that solutions built for the platform make it possible for teams to bring together incoming telemetry data from across Cisco’s vast portfolio — like networking, security, applications, and infrastructure — as well as from third-party sources due to its extensible nature.

These solutions provide our customers with cross-domain visibility, insights and recommended actions tied to business context so that IT teams can collectively improve how their end users experience their products and services — and break down time-wasting silos and finger pointing in the process. The result is better business outcomes and a growing recognition in the boardroom that your technology architecture is your business architecture.

New enhancements announced this week build on existing platform capabilities. I’m so excited to share with you how we are capitalizing on these capabilities to help our customers with these latest releases:

Getting to the root of Digital Experience

IT teams are responsible for managing every aspect of the technology stack to prevent and fix issues before they become a problem for end users. Our new standalone Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) application includes Real User Monitoring and Session Replay modules, along with integrations with Cisco ThousandEyes and Cisco Accedian, so that application and network teams can pinpoint exactly where, when and how performance issues arise, and take action to resolve issues as swiftly as possible.

Kernel-level observability

Using the Linux kernel utility, extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF), we can now provide granular access into network activity, resource utilization, and application dependencies impacting network performance, without the need for multiple tools, cross-team collaboration, and manual dependency mapping.

Shared context and clear insights

We’re providing a unified experience across our Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Observability Platform with a shared account and context for the new Log Analytics and Core Web Vitals capabilities — allowing teams to search with context and improve log storage and keep their web pages running smoothly and prevent being “de-ranked” from search, respectively.

Increasing troubleshooting productivity with Generative AI

Our teams have built new capabilities using Generative AI to provide technologists with a natural language interface for troubleshooting. This now allows them to use conversational language instead of structured queries to perform troubleshooting tasks — helping to resolve issues more quickly.

Automating processes for IT Operations teams

ITOps teams face a significant amount of noise and complexity from the various data sources they are tasked with managing. With our new Cisco AIOps application on Cisco Observability Platform, they can now unify data from across services including Cisco AppDynamics SaaS, Cisco ThousandEyes, Cisco DNA Center, VMWare, Zabbix and ServiceNow (ITSM, ITOM and CMDB), to simplify business health monitoring and automate IT processes.

Keeping sensitive data safe with DSPM Observability

We are introducing Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Observability to our business risk observability solution to enable real-time and automated data discovery, classification, policy definition and compliance visibility, in addition to visualizing and prioritizing attack surface — helping to keep sensitive data safe.

New partner modules

Cisco Observability Platform is open and extensible, and we have a thriving and ever-growing observability ecosystem with our global development partners. Today, we announced eight new partner modules from Aporia, CloudFabrix, Komodor, PerformIT, and SoftServe, with capabilities to enhance observability and monitoring across various verticals and unique uses cases.

Today’s announcements at Cisco Live EMEA are extensive and will have wide-ranging and deep impacts — crossing the network, infrastructure, security and more. The unified experience we can provide by bringing in the breadth of Cisco’s portfolio — along with the expertise of our global partner network — is unmatched in the market. Teams are tired of looking at disparate tools that solve narrow use cases, add costs, and create silos. They need to eliminate the complexity with a holistic solution that can provide them with true observability throughout the entire stack.

We know how urgent this is for our customers’ success, and we are committed to continuing the pace of innovation. I’m excited by the value we can provide, and our ongoing commitment to solving our customers’ most complex and critical observability challenges.


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Ronak Desai

Senior Vice President & GM

AppDynamics & Full-Stack Observability