Since its launch in 2014, Cisco DevNet has been more than just a platform for developers and IT professionals. It has been a thriving community of like-minded individuals driven by their passion for technology and their desire to collaborate on best practices and discover most efficient tools and techniques for building solutions, solving problems.

DevNet has been a playground for application developers and network automation professionals, helping them to solve issues and build solutions across networking, security, IoT, full-stack observability, and more. Providing tools and resources such as:

Celebrating Innovation: The Big Events

Signature events like the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! and DevNet Create (which began in 2017) have always “trended” across social media platforms. These aren’t your average tech meets; they’re where people from all backgrounds and experiences come to play, share, and learn.
DevNet Create for instance, successfully blended DevOps, SecOps, and more, drawing widespread participation.

The Heart of DevNet: Our Community

At its core, DevNet’s essence lies in its community. We’re enhancing our community experience, starting with a an updated name: the “DevNet Hub.” This new name better reflects our identity and offers the same excellent experience. Check out the revamped platform at DevNet Hub.
We’ve also renamed each item in the DevNet Hub menu to make the experience feel seamless.

The Next Chapter of DevNet

Please keep an eye out for more updates coming over the next few months, because we’re always looking for your input! Drop a thread to us here if you see a change that doesn’t make sense, if you have a suggestion, or spot an issue. Also, be on the lookout for polls as we test out ideas. Your input is always welcome.

DevNet’s story isn’t just about tech evolution – it’s about connections, growth, and a shared passion for innovation. All to help you meet the demands of your ever changing workloads.

Want to be part of this journey? Join the community discussions, share your ideas, and get involved. And for the latest insights, make sure to say hello to @JeffBullTech on Threads.


Jeff Bull

Head of Developer Community

Cisco DevNet