As I reflect on the whirlwind of excitement and innovation that was Cisco Live Melbourne, I am inspired by the sheer passion and engagement that filled every corner of the event. Being there, live and in person, was a reminder of the power of human connection in driving forward our tech-driven world.

Key takeaways from my keynote

In my keynote “Vision for the Future,” I underscored the evolving landscape of technology and its pivotal role in business transformation. I’m filled with immense pride and

excitement about what we at Cisco Customer Experience (CX) are accomplishing with our customers and partners. One of the most thrilling aspects of my role in CX is witnessing first-hand the incredible impact our solutions have on your businesses.

Our technology portfolio is the most comprehensive and innovative to date and a testament to our collaborative efforts with partners. This portfolio is not just a set of tools; it’s the backbone of secure, connected networks that empower your businesses to thrive in today’s intelligent world.

A standout moment for me in Melbourne was celebrating the CX Customer Hero Awards, this time honoring heroes from the APJC region. Each story shared on stage was a vivid illustration of transformation and innovation, echoing Cisco’s mission to securely connect everything to make anything possible. With their unique journeys, these seven heroes truly embody the spirit of progress we champion at Cisco. Learn more about these inspirational journeys in James Turrell’s blog.

As I closed my keynote, my message was clear and unwavering: We’ve got your back. With a robust network of over 8,000 experts and 10,000 partners, Cisco is more than ready to support you at every turn. Your success is our success. Together we’re building a future where the impossible becomes possible.

Sustainability: A core Cisco value

Another big highlight of the event was the announcement of the next milestone in our Lifecycle Services initiative supporting sustainability for our customers. At Cisco, we’re not just talking about sustainability; we’re actively integrating it into our business model and solutions. Our commitment is to not only advance technologically but to do so in a manner that is respectful and beneficial to our planet. Discover how our expanded services empower sustainability in Alistair Wildman’s blog.

Insights from the Executive Symposium and Innovation Talk

Interviewing three exceptional female technology leaders – Chrissy Chu from Coles, Jane Fernandez from FIFA, and Remona Murugan from Rio Tinto – was a highlight. Their insights into technology transformation and the challenges of aligning stakeholders and leadership emphasized the vital role of CX in their successes.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: A core Cisco value

Speaking at the Women of Cisco and the PRIDE celebration was an honor. The theme of allyship resonates deeply with me, reflecting my own career path and the importance of having leaders who believed in my potential. I’m committed to fostering a culture of allyship and building diverse, thought-provoking teams—a key to our success.

Engaging with press and analysts

Meeting with the press and analysts is always a highlight for me at events like Cisco Live, as it offers us an opportunity to have two-way conversations that provide invaluable insights about vital market trends, and we’re able to share everything we’re seeing with our customers and partners. This year we had a dedicated session with analysts and press partners that allowed us to provide an in-depth view of our sustainability news and highlight everything on our road map for the future. One of the highlights coming out of our press and analyst engagement was reading Zeus Kerravala’s analysis of our sustainability news.

Replays available now

For those who couldn’t join us in Melbourne or who want to revisit the sessions, replays of sessions are being populated now. We’ve made sure that the keynotes, breakout sessions, and panels are accessible so that the valuable insights shared at Cisco Live Melbourne can reach a wider audience. The Cisco Live On-Demand Library is always adding to the free collection of on-demand sessions from our various Cisco Live events. Check out the APJC replays now!

A heartfelt thank you

I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who participated—our customers, partners, speakers, and the Cisco team. Your presence and engagement made Cisco Live Melbourne 2023 a truly remarkable event. It’s your enthusiasm and commitment that drive us to keep innovating and pushing boundaries.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration as we shape the future of technology together. I appreciate you allowing me to share some of my highlights from Cisco Live Melbourne, and I would love to hear about some of yours in the comments section.


Jacqui Guichelaar

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Customer Experience, APJC