Daniel McGinniss

Senior Director

IBN and Data Center Solutions Marketing

Daniel McGinniss has nearly 20 years of experience working for large enterprises, service providers and networking technology vendors. Throughout his career Danny has gone from building and designing networks on the customer side to now bringing these emerging solutions to market.

Danny joined Cisco in 2016 and is focused on everything IBN and Data Center –infrastructure, analytics, automation, multicloud, and orchestration. In his current role, Danny and team work to strategically meld Cisco’s product development and strategic initiatives with the emerging needs of the IT industry – helping to align Cisco’s technology solutions with the business needs of our customers.

While remaining cognizant of the challenges that companies are facing and how the journey to the Cloud can seem like a daunting task, Danny’s passion lies in leveraging his deep understanding of networking technologies to help customers seamlessly adopt the “Business as a Service” model and unlock the doors to the exciting possibilities that wait ahead.


July 15, 2020


From Data Center to Cloud, Guidance for Managing Data Everywhere

2020 marks the 6th consecutive year that Gartner positions Cisco in the Leaders Quadrant for Data Center and Cloud Networking.