In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, organizations continually seek solutions that simplify complexity, break down silos, and enhance agility. At Cisco, we’re continually tuned into the demands and requirements of our customer base, and it’s this laser focus that has led to our most recent collaborative venture. We are thrilled to announce our new integration with Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing solutions.

Listening to You: Our Driving Force

Time and time again, our commitment to delivering top-notch, efficient solutions is fueled by the needs and feedback of our customers. You spoke, and we listened. The partnership with Nutanix is a direct reflection of this two-way dialogue, a testament to our commitment to not just hear, but actively listen and respond to what you are saying.

Bridging the Gap with ACI VMM Integration

One of the key facets of this collaboration is the integration of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) with Nutanix. This marriage of technologies effectively bridges domain silos between the network and server teams. Network configurations and server deployments, historically segmented tasks, can now be coordinated more efficiently, fostering a more agile and responsive infrastructure. This integration is designed to simplify operational complexities, promoting a more streamlined and efficient operational workflow.

diagram of ACI VMM Integration

Cisco ACI: Beyond Traditional Networking

Before we jump into the integration, let’s re-familiarize ourselves with Cisco ACI:

  • APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller): It’s not just a management tool; think of it as the brain behind the orchestration of network policies.
  • Spine and Leaf Architecture: This ensures a swift and efficient flow of data, connecting all aspects of the data center seamlessly.
  • Policies: The linchpin of ACI, these pre-defined functionalities ensure the network is adaptive and responsive to specific needs.

Why Nutanix?

Nutanix is a frontrunner when it comes to hyperconverged infrastructure, bringing together compute, storage, and virtualization under one roof. Their solution, which focuses on simplicity and scalability, offers an ideal playground for ACI’s capabilities. Integrating with Nutanix’s VMM functions ensures that ACI’s policy-driven approach aligns perfectly with the agility and dynamism of virtualized workloads.

diagram of ACI Fabric Integration with Nutanix Clusters

The Power of Integration

Holistic Visibility: ACI’s already granular insight extends into Nutanix environments. Network administrators can track activities from the physical infrastructure up to individual VMs in the Nutanix cluster.

Elastic Networking: As virtual machines and workloads shift within the Nutanix ecosystem, ACI adapts, ensuring network policies remain consistent and effective.

Enhanced Security Posture: ACI’s renowned micro-segmentation, when combined with Nutanix’s security features, offers a formidable defense against malicious activities and breaches.

Unified Management: With APIC interfacing directly with Nutanix’s Prism management, it consolidates the administrative experience, simplifying operations.

Getting Started with ACI and Nutanix

Integration at a glance:

  • Kickstart with a robust ACI environment and an operational Nutanix cluster.
  • Through APIC, navigate to VM Networking, and add a VMM domain specific to Nutanix.
  • Detail out the Nutanix cluster specifications and correlate with ACI’s bridge domain.
  • Watch as ACI seamlessly integrates its policies with Nutanix, creating a cohesive networking environment.

Joint Commitment to Customer Success

Both Cisco and Nutanix are firmly committed to jointly supporting our customers. Our shared goal is to deliver the best infrastructure automation experience possible. By harmonizing the strengths of ACI’s policy-driven architecture with Nutanix’s prowess in hyperconverged infrastructure, we aim to offer a solution that epitomizes efficiency, simplicity, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

In Conclusion

The integration of Cisco’s ACI with Nutanix marks a pivotal moment in data center networking. It signifies a future where the physical and virtual, the network and the application, are in perfect harmony. For enterprises looking for agility, security, and simplicity, this integration opens up new vistas of possibilities.


Learn more about the Cisco and Nutanix partnership


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Jayakrishna Mada

Senior Manager, Product Management