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Open at Cisco is Moving!

Open at Cisco is moving to the Cisco Cloud blog!


We’re a big company, our employees are enthusiastic, and we’ve got a whole lot of innovative products and solutions.

These things are good. And generally they work in our favor. But when it comes to blogging–and blogging about the cloud in particular–they may have inadvertently made things confusing for customers.

In our collective eagerness to talk about our growing list of cloud offerings, emerging cloud strategies, and contributions to the cloud community, we all started blogging from different places. The data center folks were talking about Cisco’s cloud-optimized hardware on one blog, the open source enthusiasts were talking about OpenStack and the Metacloud acquisition on another (this one), and still other groups were discussing cloud security and cloud as it relates to SDN on other blogs.

Of course we weren’t all aware that it was going on at the time, but now that we are, we’re consolidating. From now on, if you’d like to know what Cisco is up to in the cloud (and believe me when I say that a very exciting story is unfolding), just go to the Cisco Cloud blog to find out. It’s located at, and from here on out, it will be the only source you need to check for interesting insights into emerging cloud use cases, advances in cloud technology, cloud related events, and everything else Cisco is doing in the ever-changing cloud space.

Thank you for taking the time to read the posts on the Open at Cisco blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we look forward to continuing the dialogue at our new location!

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OpenStack Podcast #25: Ryan Floyd

I hate it when I have to miss a podcast. And I don’t miss many. But this week I was in New York for customer meetings so I had to miss OpenStack Podcast #25, featuring Ryan Floyd of Storm Ventures!

Such a shame. It was a good interview too. For those of you who don’t know, Ryan was one of the early investors in OpenStack vendors Metacloud (acquired by Cisco in late 2014)  and SwiftStack, as well as other well-known technology companies like Marketo, MobileIron, and Airespace.

He’s in the heart of the action in Silicon Valley, helping his funded startups succeed, and listening to pitches from entrepreneurs about the next round of exciting new technology-based businesses. So he’s got a unique perspective and he shared it with our audience today. Subjects he covered include:

  • How Amazon has leveled the playing field for startups
  • The future of public and private cloud
  • The importance of infrastructure companies supporting OpenStack
  • Where the opportunities are in the OpenStack space
  • The OpenStack business he’d start today (if he were in the business of starting companies)
  • What makes a promising startup
  • The importance of complexity when it comes to startup success

To see who we’re interviewing next, or to sign-up for the OpenStack Podcast, check out the show schedule! Interested in participating? Tweet us at @nextcast and @nikiacosta.

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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The results are in! OpenStack Summit Speaker Update

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read through the OpenStack Summit speaker submissions and cast votes for their favorites. The Foundation notified the selected speakers this week, and I’m happy to say that the Cisco team fared quite well. We will be represented in 25 presentations (as of Monday, 3/23*), including the following:

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OpenStack Podcast #24: Stu Miniman

You might recognize Stu Miniman as the host of theCube. Others know him as a Senior Analyst at Wikibon. But the tables turned in the 24th episode of OSPod!

In this episode, get the inside skinny on:

  • Stu’s roots in tech, including sales, engineering, product management, and strategy
  • OpenStack reality versus hype per the latest Wikibon survey data
  • Startup culture versus enterprise culture, and the need to innovate around old processes
  • How Docker really is changing everything
  • Career transformation and staying relevant as companies head for the cloud

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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OpenStack Podcast #23: Ruchi Bhargava

Intel does not even have an OpenStack distribution. So why are they so involved in the project, and what are they doing to accelerate its adoption? Ruchi Bhargava is Director of Datacenter and Cloud Software Engineering at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, and she was our twenty-third guest on the OpenStack Podcast. During our interview she answered those questions and also talked to us about:

  • How she got into tech
  • Her opinion on “leaning in”
  • How you move VMware users to OpenStack
  • The value of hackathons
  • What Intel’s Open Source Technology Center is working on
  • Why her group contributes everything upstream
  • How Intel helps women be successful and keeps them at work
  • Why Intel’s OpenStack environment was very much like free bananas

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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