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The results are in! OpenStack Summit Speaker Update

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read through the OpenStack Summit speaker submissions and cast votes for their favorites. The Foundation notified the selected speakers this week, and I’m happy to say that the Cisco team fared quite well. We will be represented in 25 presentations (as of Monday, 3/23*), including the following:

1) OpenStack in an Ever-Changing World of Possibilities
Lew Tucker (Cisco)

2) Building the Cloud Community: Crafting Unforgettable Events and Meetups
Jeanne Colon-Bonet (HP – Panel Moderator), Angela Brown (The Linux Foundation), Sharon Cordesse (O’Reilly Media), Liz DiTucci (Cisco), and Gary Kevorkian (Cisco)

3) Thanks, Docker! The Pros and Cons of Containerizing Your OpenStack Services
Charles Crouch, Steven Dake, and Daneyon Hansen (all Cisco)

4) Are you Ready for OpenStack?
Scott Sanchez and Niki Acosta (both Cisco)

5) Provisioning Infrastructure, Platforms, and Applications with Heat and Puppet
Matt Brown, Jim Kao, and David Xu (all Cisco)

6) Highly Available, Performant, VXLAN Service Node
David Lapsley (presenter/Cisco), Chet Burgess (contributor/Cisco), and Kahou Lei (contributor/Cisco)

7) Learn You Some Ansible for Great Good!
David Lapsley and Juergen Brendel (both Cisco)

8) 201 Walkthrough – Autoscaling OpenStack Natively with Heat, Ceilometer, and LBaaS
Jason Grimm (Cisco), Walter Bentley (Rackspace), and Robert Ronan (Rackspace)

9) WebEx: What We’ve Learned Three Years Into OpenStack
Reinhardt Quelle (Cisco)

10) DON: Diagnosing OVS in Neutron
Pritesh Kothari and Amit Saha (both Cisco)

11) Demystifying Logs in OpenStack Clouds
Debojyoti Dutto, Rishabh Jain, Sarvesh Ranjan, Manoj Sharma, and Yathiraj Udupi (all Cisco)

12) Neutron Extension Framework Overview and Use Cases
Dileep Devireddy and Abhishek Raut (both Cisco)

13) High Availability and Resiliency Testing Strategies for OpenStack Clouds
Pradeep Chandrasekar, Behzad Dastur, and Ajay Kalumbur (all Cisco)

14) Cisco Intercloud Massively Scalable Federated Networking Using OpenStack
Mynul Hoda (Cisco)

15) Implementing an IPv6 Enabled Environment for a Public Cloud Tenant – A Case Study
Sharmin Choksey, Anik Mazumder, and Shixion Shang (all Cisco)

16) Cloud VPNs in OpenStack
Ian Wells (Cisco)

17) What’s Next in OpenStack: A Glimpse at the Roadmap
Mike Cohen (Cisco). Naren Narenda (Cisco), Scott Drennan (Nuage Networks), Raul Flamenco (?), Brian Rosmaita (Rackspace), Shamail Tahir (EMC), and Sean Winn (EMC)

18) The Jenkins Plugin for OpenStack: Simple and Painless Ci/CD
Naama Bamberger and Maish Saidel-Keesing (both Cisco)

19) Magnum – Containers-as-a-Service for OpenStack
Steve Dake (Cisco) and Adrian Otto (Rackspace)

20) Designing for Operations – Operationalizing OpenStack
John Dewey (Cisco)

21) Creating Custom Elements for Diskimage-builder
Abel Lopez (Cisco)

22) Group Based Policy Hands-on Lab
Robert Kukura and Ivar Lazzaro (both Cisco)

23) Taking Security Groups to Ludicrous Speeds with Open vSwitch
Miguel Angel Ajo (?), Thomas Graf (Noiro Networks), Ivar Lazzaro (Cisco), and Justin Pettit (VMware)

24) How to Rapidly Migrate Virtualized Enterprise Workloads to an OpenStack Cloud Environment
Stephen Pierce and Deshdeepak Shukla (both Cisco)

25) An Introduction to Cloud Service Definition
Naveen Joy (Cisco)



Cross-Project Product Roadmap Communication
Geoff Arnold (Cisco panel member)

Break-Fix Buffet (Lab)
Matthew Montgomery, Jason Myers, and Chris Ricker (all Cisco)

*A big thank you to Gary Kevorkian for compiling this list!

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OpenStack Podcast #24: Stu Miniman

You might recognize Stu Miniman as the host of theCube. Others know him as a Senior Analyst at Wikibon. But the tables turned in the 24th episode of OSPod!

In this episode, get the inside skinny on:

  • Stu’s roots in tech, including sales, engineering, product management, and strategy
  • OpenStack reality versus hype per the latest Wikibon survey data
  • Startup culture versus enterprise culture, and the need to innovate around old processes
  • How Docker really is changing everything
  • Career transformation and staying relevant as companies head for the cloud

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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OpenStack Podcast #23: Ruchi Bhargava

Intel does not even have an OpenStack distribution. So why are they so involved in the project, and what are they doing to accelerate its adoption? Ruchi Bhargava is Director of Datacenter and Cloud Software Engineering at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, and she was our twenty-third guest on the OpenStack Podcast. During our interview she answered those questions and also talked to us about:

  • How she got into tech
  • Her opinion on “leaning in”
  • How you move VMware users to OpenStack
  • The value of hackathons
  • What Intel’s Open Source Technology Center is working on
  • Why her group contributes everything upstream
  • How Intel helps women be successful and keeps them at work
  • Why Intel’s OpenStack environment was very much like free bananas

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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OpenStack Podcast #22: Sirish Raghuram

This week the OpenStack Podcast’s guest rockstar was Sirish Raghuram. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Platform9 (, and he’s also a former long-term VMware employee. From that unique vantage point, he was able to contribute terrific insights about why enterprises haven’t fully embraced the cloud yet and why VMware Integrated OpenStack is probably a net win for the OpenStack community. He also spoke about:

  • Why he founded Platform9
  • What Platform9 provides
  • How containers may change the meaning of PaaS
  • Why 2015 & 2016 will be the turning point for enterprise cloud adoption
  • Why his team uses Ansible for configuration management
  • Who he thinks has done mind-blowing work in the tech world
  • What the current monthly Amazon spending break point is, and how we might bring it down

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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OpenStack Podcast #21: Mike Metral

Containers are big right now. So big that we talk about them for at least a few minutes on almost every podcast. But rarely do we have a guest with the depth of knowledge about them and unbridled enthusiasm for them that Rackspace product architect Mike Metral has. As the featured guest of OpenStack Podcast #21, Mike goes deep on the subject, discussing things like: What are containers really for? Who are they for? Should they be integrated with OpenStack? Which industries are ready for them, and what obstacles to adoption exist for the industries that are not? He also talked about:

  • How he got involved in OpenStack
  • What he worked on at Sandia Labs
  • Why he started Corekube
  • Where Kubernetes came from and what problem it’s meant to solve
  • Whether or not vendor lock-in is really an issue for OpenStack users
  • Eating cotton candy and french fries in the old Versace mansion

You can follow the podcast and see the past and future guest schedule at @openstackpod and follow Mike Metral at @mikemetral.

For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below.

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